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Pre-Undergraduate Programme

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DBS Students

The Pre-Undergraduate programme is a 9-week programme designed for students who already possess a relatively high level of English but do not fully satisfy entry requirement to undergraduate and postgraduate study. The course is also suitable for those students who already satisfy the admission requirements to their chosen programme, but who wish to refresh their English language skills. During the intensive programme, students perfect their written and verbal communication, and are trained in study skills necessary for an improved performance at third level. The content of the language materials reflect contemporary issues of the business world.


The Pre-Undergraduate programme an internal Dublin Business School award.

Aims and Objectives

The programme aims to prepare advanced students of English for the linguistic demands of studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level. 

This aim is achieved by:

  • Ensuring the students' language knowledge, skills, and competence are commensurate with the standard required for higher-level study.

  • Increasing the students' lexical range of key business terminology.

  • Promoting the use of effective study skills and standard academic conventions.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the programme a student will be able to:
Read authentic business texts

  • Write an essay using academic conventions

  • Research and produce a standard business report

  • Recognise and use common business terminology

  • Use compensatory techniques to cope with difficult text

  • Take lecture notes effectively

  • Adopt a systematic approach to assignment work

  • Exploit library and IT resources

  • Perform effectively in written examinations.

Learning Experience

Students come from many different parts of the world giving the Pre-Undergraduate programme a distinct multicultural dimension. English is the working language of the programme and students work both alone and together in teams researching and presenting projects to fulfill programme requirements. Class size is limited to 20 students ensuring each student receives individual attention from the lecturers. Classes take place in lecture rooms and IT laboratories. Seminar rooms and libraries are used for group work and self-study. Students are encouraged to participate fully in the sporting and social activities organised by Student Services allowing for a good balance between study and recreation.

Subject Area Objectives


  • to improve accuracy of expression

  • to increase awareness of genre

  • to develop business corpus

  • to introduce academic conventions


  • to improve pronunciation

  • to improve fluency and accuracy 

  • to improve presentation skills


  • to appreciate the role of research in the academic process

  • to empower students with greater reading efficiency

  • to recognise and overcome issues of  academic impropriety


  • to teach global listening strategies

  • to teach micro listening strategies

  • to develop the importance of note-taking skills


Throughout the programme students are assessed to ensure that the learning outcomes have been achieved and that the students are ready to progress to programmes of higher learning. Assessment involves a combination of interm continuous assessment and final examinations. Continuous assessment accounts for 40 per cent of the overall grade and consists of a research project (20 per cent), an oral presentation (10 per cent) and an extended academic essay (10 per cent). The final examination accounts for 60% of the overall grade and consists of three papers, Academic Writing, Academic Reading and Listening. Each paper is of equal weighting. All assessment tasks are individual with the exception of the research project which is a collaborative group task.

Admission Requirements

Pre-Undergraduate applicants must possess a minimum standard of English of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. Admission requirements vary, depending on your further course of study at DBS. 


There will be two intake dates each year for this programme*:

July- Leading to commencement of a further academic programme in our autumn intake.

October- Leading to commencement of a further academic programme in our spring intake.

Course Content

Module 1








Word Form



Module 2




Note Taking








Module 3











Module 4






Fact finding





Module 5









Module 6






Using sourced material




Main Body

Module 7


International Trade




Case Study Analysis


Summary writing



Module 8


The Environment




Extrinsic Reading




Questions & Answers

Module 9






Project Presentation




Audio Visual Aids


The programme is delivered over one term of 9 weeks duration. Each week consists of 20 hours of classroom delivery. Assignments and guided self-study account for a further 10 hours per week. The programme is a thematic-based integrated skills course comprising nine modules. Each module has a theme relevant to the contemporary global business environment and develops four key academic skills. The skills are Listening, Research, Academic Writing and Presentation Skills. Each skillis studied for 5 hours a week.

Career Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the programme are awarded pass, merit, or distinction level. Pre-Undergraduate graduates automatically satisfy language requirements for DBS professional, undergraduate, or postgraduate programmes, subject to the student's entry-level language standard.


Course Type

Tuition Fee

Pre Undergraduate/Pre-Masters English Language Programme


HETAC Certificate in Business and Language


All Higher Certificates

€6,930 per academic year

All Level 7 Ordinary Degrees

€8,900 per academic year

All Level 8 Honours Degrees

€8,900 per academic year

All Level 8 Postgraduate Higher Diplomas

€8,890 per academic year

All Level 9 Masters Programmes


Professional Programmes ACCA (Part 3)

€1,100 per paper

The following fees also apply if you are resident outside of Ireland:

Medical Insurance (1 academic year)*


Home-stay Accommodation (optional)


View all DBS International Fees here.

* All non-EEA students are required to have private medical insurance when coming to and residing in Ireland for the purpose of study. The private medical insurance should provide cover for accident and/or disease and should cover the student for any period of Hospitalisation. Please note this is the responsibility of the student.

Purchase medical insurance online today.

Fee Payment

The most effective method of payment is through our International Student Payment System (ISPS) The ISPS System is a free service – no bank charges will be added to your transfers. By using this system you are able to pay in your home currency, so there is no need to buy Euro from your bank prior to transferring.

All payments can be tracked by you the student 24 hours a day online. Therefore you will not need to contact the college to confirm whether or not we have received payment. All visa authorities now accept the ISPS as means of payment of tuition fees. You will need to add the confirmation of payment receipt to your visa application.

Using the ISPS payment method is quick and simple -start payments today.

Please note there is a €10.00 ISPS fee for all Euro to Euro transactions.

Alternative Payment Methods/Payment methods available to International Students Already Resident in Ireland:

Bank Draft or Cheque: Payable to ‘Dublin Business School’ and submitted to the college at 13-14 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland – only available to students already resident in Ireland.

Credit Card: Credit card payments can be made at Dublin Business School, Aungier Street.

Bank Transfer: The DBS student number should be quoted on the transfer, and remittance advice should be submitted to Dublin Business School:

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at international@dbs.ie


  • Course fees are quoted for the academic year 2014/2015 only. Course fees for subsequent academic years may be subject to price increases.

  • Students who fail examinations are required to repeat their full academic year and pay full tuition fees

  • Tuition fees are not refundable. However, 

  • For International Students resident overseas fees will only be refunded if the visa application has been refused as outlined in the DBS Terms and Conditions section 5.7

  • For International Students already resident in Ireland, fees will not be refunded under any circumstances after commencement of the course. Where a visa is required to be renewed during the DBS programme of study it is the responsibility of the student to check with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.

  • Course commencement and start date is subject to student numbers.

  • All students for whom English is not a first language will be required to sit an English language test prior to commencement of their course. Students whose level of English does not meet the required standard will be redirected to an English language programme appropriate to their English language standard. Tuition fees for this additional English language tuition will be charged to the student. Upon successful completion of exams students may be allowed to commence their original first choice programme, subject to availability.

Next Steps

Apply Today

Making an application online is the quickest and easiest way of applying for your chosen course. As part of your application process the College needs to receive the following supporting documentation from you:

  • A completed application form, either submitted online or in paper

  • All academic qualifications & transcripts to date

  • Evidence of your English level (usually IELTS/TOEFL or Cambridge)

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume

  • An academic or employer reference

  • Statement of Purpose - i.e. an introduction letter explaining your CV and also detailing why you would want to come to Ireland and DBS to study and how you think it would benefit you when you return home

  • Photocopy of the first page of your passport

  • If you are currently resident in Ireland a photocopy of your current GNIB card is also required

Please note that all of this documentation can be sent to us by email initially however we will need to receive the official notarised translated copies of all academic documentation prior to issuing a formal confirmed offer.

Decisions can normally be made within 5 working days as long as we have received all of the necessary documentation and within 48 hours if you are applying through an approved agent.

If you meet the entry requirements of the course you will be notified by email and issued a provisional offer. Formal confirmed offers can only be issued to applicants who have met the conditions of their offer, and once the fees have been received by us and cleared by the bank.

Once you meet the entry requirements and have paid your fees you should then apply for a study visa.

Please note that not all countries are visa requiring and some students can get a visa after their arrival in Ireland. To check whether or not you require a visa to enter Ireland please visit the following website:http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/WP07000016

  • Full-time Degrees/ Certificates
  • Non-EU Student
  • IntlOnly
  • International
  • Full-Time
  • Business & Management
  • Accounting & Finance
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Course overview


Awarding Body: Dublin Business School
Duration: 9 weeks
Course Start Date: January 16th 2017
Admission Requirements: IELTS 5.5

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