Careers Service 

Through a combination of workshops, one-to-one advice and employer events, our dedicated careers service will help you focus your ambitions on realistic career goals. You will learn valuable skills including how to conduct efficient and productive job searches.Our services are available throughout your time at DBS and beyond, giving you support whenever you need it.

Work ​Placements 

Many DBS students complete a work placement during their course. Our placement officers use their specialist knowledge and contacts to help you find a placement that’s right for you. You can gain experience and skills in your chosen field on short internships, voluntary work or even a year-long placement. 

The DBS Advantage 

DBS Advantage is an initiative which gives students the opportunity to engage in a development programme run parallel to their academic studies that prepares students for the workplace. It has long been recognised that the role of third level is not simply to impart knowledge but to contribute to maintaining a competitive and a ‘smart’ economy, and also to play a valuable part in the holistic development of the person. Part of this development relates to the fostering of ‘transferable’ or ‘generic’ skills in individuals. Examples of such skills are communication skills, planning, leadership, multi-tasking etc. – skills that are essential not just in learning or work situations, but in all areas of life. DBS Advantage assists DBS students in developing these important skills.

Please contact if you have any queries for our Careers team.