Corporate Services at DBS
Bespoke Professional Training

Partner with DBS and we will develop your people to reach their full potential to deliver a positive return on your investment.  Our training programmes and workshops are engaging, interactive and action and result orientated. We ensure that what is learned in the classroom will have direct practical application in the workplace.

We offer bespoke training programmes across a range of disciplines from our IT, Business, Law, Finance, Arts and Professional Schools.
Many businesses are currently seeking bespoke solutions in the following areas: 

Corporate Services at DBS  

We have specialised expertise in the areas of:
• Leadership & Management, 
• Cybersecurity, 
• Data Analytics, 
• Key Account Management 
• Project Management

We are currently offering a Corporate Discount of 5% off all of our programmes, and a 10% discount where five or more employees enrol with DBS.

Some companies we have worked with recently include:
Harvey Norman, 

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Get in touch with our Corporate Services Team below, or by emailing our Corporate Services Manager Emer Cummins.  We will respond with a detailed proposal and recommendations for your consideration. 

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