Student Engagement

DBS volunteers

Our student’s voice is important- with DBS participation in the National Student Engagement Programme (NStep) endorsing our desire to listen and action your voice.  

Students are centrally involved in decision making at DBS. We seek to create the conditions, policies and culture that enable and encourage students to get involved.

NStep- Embedding the Principles of Student Engagement

Student Engagement at DBS:

  • The DBS Student Union- All Students are members of the Student Union, whose officers cover 3 main areas, Welfare, Education and Events.

  • The DBS Student Council- All Students are members of the Student Council, which meets once a month feedsback to the College on a number of issues.

  • Class Reps- Every class and group nominates a class rep, who completes the NStep Class Rep training programme.

  • Student Peer Mentors- Here to support and help fellow students find their way around DBS.

  • DBS Clubs and Societies- Student run and elect officers to all Clubs and Societies in DBS.

  • Student Representation on the Academic Board- The SU President and Vice-Presidents represent Students on the Academic Board and a number of sub-boards in DBS.