Sports at DBS

DBS Basketball | Champions

Getting involved in a sports club is an ideal way to keep fit, learn a new skill, meet people with similar interests, as well as provide a welcome break from academic life. DBS sports clubs are student-run and student-led, so you can play your sport and if you wish also lead and develop your club. With over 30 clubs there are a huge range of opportunities to train, play and compete in sport, no matter what your passion, ability or level.

DBS Sports Success 2016-2020

Division 2  Champions 2017/18
Division 1 Intervarsity Champions 2019
Division 1A  Champions 2019/2020

Bob Eustace Cup Champions 2017 & 2018
Rustlers Cup Champions 2019

Intervarsity Champions (Indoor) 2018 & 2019
Intervarsity Runners-Up (Indoor) 2020
Intervarsity Champions (Outdoor) 2019

Ultimate Frisbee
Regional Champions 2019

Other Sports we compete at Intervarsity level
Pool, Table Tennis, Equestrian, Tennis, Swimming, Badminton, Volleyball, Golf, Athletics.