Students' Union (SU) Team

Our SU team of 2022/23 is here to make a memorable college experience for each and every student. From hosting college events to offering education and well-being support, our team is dedicated to providing students with a positive college experience. We are here to represent and advocate on behalf of our students, while creating a vibrant and engaging college experience that celebrates openness, diversity and inclusion. 

Meet your Students' Union Team for 2022-2023

LoranLoran Rolfe

Loran here, your Students’ Union President at Dublin Business School. 
I look forward to being the voice of our student body, while representing you all to the best of my ability. Our team is here to make your college experience high-quality both in the classroom and outside.The Student’s Union aims to deliver action-packed Student Life events, themed weeks, education supports and informative Well-Being and DEI initiatives. 


Nathan Bell

Hi guys, it’s Nathan here, your VP for Student Life this year. My team’s job is to create a memorable college experience for all students. We do this through multiple streams such as our SU student life podcast, SU TikTok, and the Student Experience podcast. We run many events throughout the year including Weekend and day trips such as Bundoran, Lisbon, Belfast, and hikes. Clubs and Socs are also an important part of our college culture. We have many successful sports teams, course-specific socs, as well as more niche societies. There's really something for everyone and we hope you find time to engage. College is about the experience as much as the education.


Emer Brennan

Hey guys Emer here, your VP for Well-being & Equality. My team aims to help students feel happy, healthy and included on campus, while ensuring that you all have access to the necessary resources and support you need to succeed. We want to ensure our students have access to important Mental Health services, and develop new skills through workshops, initiatives and panel discussions relating to wellness, diversity and inclusion. I look forward to the year ahead.

LanithaLanitha Bekwayo

Hi everyone, your VP of Education, Lanitha, here. My team and I are looking forward to this year with great excitement and determination to represent the student body to the best of our ability. We are committed to providing the best possible academic experience for all students and increasing awareness of the fantastic learning resources we have here in DBS. We will be gathering student feedback throughout the year to learn what further supports are required and to ensure that students experience a well-rounded education. I look forward to working with you all during the academic year.