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The internet is an increasingly important medium for businesses to use to communicate their products, brands and vision to their customers. Recent years have seen rapid growth in the field of internet marketing with returnon-investment achieving new heights, online marketing now plays an integral role in contemporary marketing practice. This course is designed for people with little experience of online marketing and who want to get started on implementing it in the workplace.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The internet has become a key medium in advertising and PR, provided new distribution channels, enhanced customer relationship management, and also generated opportunities for expansion into new markets. This course sets out the fundamental concepts of marketing combined with its application to emergent platforms online. The range of areas addressed on the course means that students finish with a firm understanding of the tools available to the online marketer, and an appreciation for the evolving practice of marketing. This course provides students with practical skills which can be applied immediately.


To be awarded the Diploma in Internet Marketing students will be required to submit a written assignment at the end of the programme (100%).

Programme Content

An Overview of Marketing Theory and Practice

Participants are initially introduced to the key concepts underpinning marketing theory. This lays the foundations for more advanced understanding and discussion of the marketing environment, marketing analysis and planning.

The Internet & Websites

This session is designed to explain the history and growth of the internet, explore recent developments and trends, key terminology and some aspects of website development.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This topic explains what SEO is and how a business can implement an effective SEO strategy to drive traffic to their website and appear high in search engine listings.

Online Advertising

Otherwise known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising. Students will be introduced to many different online advertising platforms with a focus on Google Adwords. Participants will see real-life examples and successful campaigns in action, learning the essentials for marketers wishing to maximise their return on this investment.

Email Marketing

To the backdrop of some of the biggest success stories in email marketing, students will learn the value of this often overlooked tool. With massive opportunities for permission marketing students will take from this session an understanding of both how and why this is potentially a highly lucrative activity in business.

Website Analytics and Measurement  

An essential  element of online marketing is the use of analytics to  track, measure and understand your activities using tools such as Google Analytics. Students will learn how to implement analytics and which metrics they should be tracking for their business objectives.    

The Users Experience

This topic will ensure that students can assess the user's experience  in online marketing. An understanding of how effective , efficient and enjoyable a website is critical in business

Social Media Marketing

This important topic focuses on the use of social media platforms  and how they can be harnessed in business.Many variants of social  media are addressed including social  news sites, bookmarking ,networking, knowledge, and sharing . Furthermore participants will emerge with a firm  understanding of how to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for communicating with key stakeholders.


This session is all about the integration of marketing theory and tools learned on the programme .


Students will attend class one evening per week over a ten week period. Over the ten weeks students will have the opportunity to interact in the classroom, and benefit from discussion of key topics. While this is a theory based course, a practical edge is provided with key guest speakers visiting the course.  Each an expert in their field, they enhance the learning experience for the student with real-life examples and case studies. The topics covered represent a broad overview of the most significant areas in online marketing, providing an understanding of the conceptual underpinnings and practical issues facing those using technology to develop their business.

Career Progression Opportunities 

This programme lays the foundations for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in online marketing, or to implement the use of internet marketing tools in the workplace. Furthermore, this course is well suited to the small business owner wishing to increase their competitive advantage.

Student Profile

Typically, students participating on the programme  are looking for a foundation of understanding the principles of internet marketing .Students are often exploring new career options or upskilling in a current business or marketing role.  


The fee for this Diploma is €1,325. This is inclusive of tuition, registration, exam fees and DBS library membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins. View all DBS Evening Diploma Fees.

DBS Diploma students can also avail of a wide range of facilities to assist them in every aspect of their studies, please see below for more details.

DBS Student Facilities

• Online Notes System (DBS Moodle)- is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS.
• DBS Library Aungier Street- the Library provides a programme of classes in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. 
• DBS Careers and Appointment Service- which provides a range of services for Diploma students such as career advice and workshops in CV writing and interview skills.
• Subsidised Parking- DBS provides subsidised parking arrangements for students, which provides easy access to all main public transport routes in and out of the city centre.
• Subsidised Student Canteen- Diploma students can avail of the Student Canteen which is open in the evenings and offers a wide variety of choices on its menu.

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