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Full-time Undergraduate Courses

Are you trying to decide where to go to college? And, what you’ll do when you get there?

Here at DBS, we carry a comprehensive range of career-focused courses in the areas of Business, Arts Law, Psychology, Computing and more. This means whether you want to be a Lawyer, Journalist, Businessperson, Accountant, Filmmaker, Psychologist, or anything else you’ve dreamed of… you can start off on the right path here. 

We know that there’s much more to being a student than just studying. We want to help you develop your whole personality and offer a long list of activities and events to take you out of the lecture theatre and really get to know your fellow students. 

Application through CAO

You can apply for our full-time undergraduate programmes via the CAO system from November 5th 2015. We offer programmes across a range of full-time Higher Certificate (Level 6), Ordinary Degree (Level 7) and Honours Degree (Level 8) Undergraduate Courses. 

For further information or to learn more about our programmes, please contact the Admissions Office on (01) 4177500 or by email at

View the Full-Time Undergraduate Brochure here.

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Students who are applying for programmes as mature applicants will be required to be over the age of 23 as on 1st January in the year of entry. Mature students may apply through CAO or directly through the college.  They are not required to do both.


If you have started or completed a third level  qualification already you may be eligible for advanced entry. Please apply directly to DBS

Our next  Open Event  will be held on

4th December from 11-2pm in our Castle House Building.

Open Events are an ideal opportunity for you to meet the academic staff and view the facilities of the college.  

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