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Arts Courses at Dublin Business School

The study of Arts is one that appeals to a wide variety of student interests. This appeal is driven by the opportunity to develop wide-ranging knowledge alongside important intellectual and critical skills. Studying Arts at Dublin Business School (DBS) gives you the ideal opportunity to develop these core skills while pursuing one or more of your chosen disciplines.

Our full- time and part-time undergraduate, degree, postgraduate masters and professional evening diploma courses in Arts cover most of the most popular Arts and Applied Arts disciplines, including:

  • Humanities
  • Psychology
  • Media & Culture Studies 
  • Film, Literature & Drama
  • Film Studies
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy 
  • Journalism.
View the Arts Evening Degree brochure here.

 Our degrees are awarded by the Quality Qualifications Ireland- QQI (formerly HETAC)

Explore the Arts, explore your future

A qualification in Arts from DBS opens up a whole world of opportunity and a multitude of potential career paths. Your highly-developed analytical and critical skills will underpin the knowledge you gain and build a solid foundation for further studies or entry to the workforce.

Progressively specialised learning

Many of the Arts courses at DBS follow a progressively specialised course structure, beginning with a broad-based multi-disciplinary introduction. From here you are encouraged to explore your specific interests with a view to specialising in two or more areas. Coursework may include essays, case studies, presentations and practical projects while teaching is primarily delivered through lectures and tutorials.


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