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Here at Dublin Business School (DBS) we are committed to the philosophy of lifelong learning. We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Programmes which will give you a competitive advantage in the work force. Our Professional Programmes are delivered on a part-time basis to address the constraints of modern work and lifestyle commitment. DBS offers part-time Diplomas, Degrees, Postgraduate and Professional Accountancy Programmes to cater for all levels and areas of corporate training.

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Company Specific Programmes

We have found an increase in demand for company specific training programmes, incorporating academic qualifications with an industry specific approach. Programmes are designed and tailored based on your organisational needs. Company specific training can be a more cost effective option for your organisation, cultivating managerial talent internally and increasing staff retention.
Our team of industry experienced academics can design a programme focused on your corporate strategy by developing business knowledge and management skills.

Our approach to any new business partnership will begin with the following 3 stages; 

  • Stage 1 - Identify key stakeholders and confirm training needs

  • Stage 2 - Design and develop solution

  • Stage 3 - Review, finalise, delivery 

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