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The Certificate in Global Business (Level 7, 30 ECTS) is a full-time programme that has been designed to provide learners with the theoretical knowledge and applied skills in some of the core areas of global business as well as in a specific number of current and emerging areas that relate to the global and transnational business concerns. 

Global business is concerned with businesses and organisations operating, present and invested in many countries. These global businesses often market their products and services through coordinated strategies, systems and processes – finance, marketing and branding, IT systems and management.  The business sub-discipline area of ‘Global Business’ stands in contrast to ‘international’ or ‘multinational’, with unique challenges of managing global marketing, distribution, production, personnel, accounting and financial control systems. In addition, there exist special challenges in operating ethically in the global business environment. Contextually, the latticework of global treaties and organisations impacting global business and the geopolitical and socio-economic perspectives provide further factors for study by learners curious about how business works in a global sense. 

Programme Objectives

Focusing on the learner, the Certificate in Global Business (L7, 30 ECTS) aims to:

  • Provide an exposition of global themes in the decision-making process for global business with concrete real-world examples.

  • Provide choice through learning pathways so learners can make better-informed decisions about their future study plans.

  • Develop in learners an awareness that economic and cultural diversity is as important as professional managerial skills.

  • Provide a rich, integrated learning opportunity for cross-cultural collaboration between Irish-based and study-abroad learners.

  • Develop further research, critical thinking and analytical skills and apply these to Global Business challenges.

  • Identify key issues and similarities and differences relative to management practices and self-manage personal life in Ireland.



All learners are expected to attend in person in class.


Course Content

The Certificate in Global Business has the following mandatory modules:

Mandatory Core Modules

  • Advanced Economic Perspectives 

  • Global Finance

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Business Ethics and Research Practice

Elective Modules
Students will also select two 5 ECTS elective module from the following options:

  • European Legal Systems

  • Political Economy of the EU

  • Supply Chain and Procurement Management

  • Global Supply Chain Strategies

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Concepts

  • Artificial intelligence for Global Business

  • Programming for Global Business

Teaching and Assessment

The programme aims are achieved and measured through various assessment instruments. The assessments aim to emphasize exploratory and problem-based learning and primarily focus on what students can discover and do with the resource material provided by the lecturer. As such, assessment is mainly continuous. There are a small number of formal proctored examinations designed to measure the understanding of theoretical concepts related to course content, and underpinning theory. The emphasis throughout the Certificate in Global Business (L7, 30 ECTS) programme is on providing opportunities throughout to apply knowledge and competencies and practice learning under supervision and guidance.




Learners are required to take a core 20 ECTS of four mandatory 5 ECTS modules (mandatory, 20 ECTS) and have a choice of two electives from which to make up the remaining 10 ECTS (two 5 ECTS modules). There are five pathways available to learners European Studies, Supply Chain Management, Global Digital World and IT for Business as well as a General Global pathway.

The below diagram demonstrates how the electives band together to create specific pathways. 

Global Business (3)

All learners are expected to attend in person in class.


Career Opportunities

This is a pathway academic programme intended to lead to further study. However, graduates from this programme will possess the following attributes:

  • Confidence in using compensatory strategies in business communication through their second language.

  • A critical understanding of globalisation in its relation to business activities. 

  • Cross-cultural Communicators who adopt a more inclusive mindset.

  • Culturally Aware to work effectively in an academic setting within culturally diverse groups.

  • Autonomous and independent learner.

  • Curious and skilled in using research methods to solve undergraduate-level problems by analysing and assimilating information.

  • Possess Business Negotiation skills for a global work/business environment. 

  • Critical thinking skills.

  • Ability to analyse and assimilate information to make informed business decisions.

Learners will also possess the following competencies: 

  • Knowledge of the global concepts and principles that underpin the core areas of business.

  • Competent at building relationships and the ability to work with people from different backgrounds.

  • Able to work well as part of a team as well as individually in a demanding environment whilst meeting tight deadlines.

  • Good communicators and creative thinkers with the ability to use innovation, creativity and IT to complete academic assignments and tasks.


The fee for a semester for the Certificate in Global Business is €2,900 for EU students.

Click here to view international fees.

Click here to view EU fees.

All QQI accredited programmes of education and training of 3 months or longer duration offered by Dublin Business School (DBS) are covered by arrangements under section 65 (4) (b) of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 whereby in the event that DBS ceases to provide the programme, for any reason, after learners have started on that programme, Kaplan Inc., as guarantor, will refund the moneys most recently paid by or for the learner.   More details are included in the terms and conditions of learner admission to DBS (https://www.dbs.ie/terms-and-conditions) and on programme handbooks provided at induction.

Next Steps

You should consult with the International Office in your school as they may organise the application process to DBS for you.

If you are not applying through a partner school please email [email protected] for application information.

Entry Requirements

Students should have completed at least 30 ECTS and also are required to have an English Language qualification at CEFRL B2 or above.

  • Full-time Degrees/ Certificates
  • Full-Time

Course overview


Awarding Body: 
Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI)
NFQ Level: 
Level 7
Award Title: 
Certificate in Global Business
January 2024
Duration: 1 Semester
ECTS: 30

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