One Semester Option

European students have two options when deciding to study a semester at Dublin Business School, each option is available in both the Spring and Winter semester allowing you the option to choose when you would like to study with DBS.

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Option A

This option allows students to choose a selection of modules from all programmes offered at DBS at both Bachelor and Masters level. This option allows you the flexibility to build on your current knowledge in your field of study but also gives you the opportunity of studying something new. Subject areas include Business, Marketing, Arts, Journalism, Psychology, Social Science, Computing and Accountancy.

Option B

For students who prefer to study a more specialised semester they can choose to study the Certificate in International Business, a state-accredited certificate programme offered by DBS and receive an internationally recognised certificate award in one semester. The Certificate in International Business, is accredited by the Irish government body Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and is worth 30 ECTS credits. You will study five core modules, along with having the flexibility of choosing one elective course.

Certificate in International Business

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This semester programme is designed for undergraduate students of international business or related areas. The course will help deepen your understanding of the main areas of business as well as providing new knowledge specific to the Irish and European markets.

Core Content

Elective (Choose 1) 

• Marketing Communications
• Business Accounting
• Management
• The International Economy
•  Enterprise and Communication

• Irish Society and Economics
• Spanish for Beginners
• Chinese for Beginners
• Digital Content & Media Tools
• Event Planning and Operations