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Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance provide a critical backbone for almost every business.

In DBS, we cover every area of the spectrum of Financial Services.

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Studying arts at DBS will develop your skills in different disciplines such as Humanities, Psychology, Media Studies, Film, Literature and Drama.

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Business & Management

Find out more about our specialised areas in Business such as Administration, Marketing, Management, Human Resources and Information Systems.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

There is an increasing acceptance of the role that self-awareness and the alleviation of stress have to play in modern society. We will give you all the necessary tools.

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Information Technology

We cover the most popular technological areas in Business Information Systems, Cloud Computing, Internet Marketing and Web Design.

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If you are interested in following a career in law, our courses include Legal & Business Studies, Business Law, LL.B in Irish Law. At DBS, we have a reputation for excellence in Law.

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Marketing & Event Management

Open up the world of marketing, advertising and event management. We will give you all the industry insights, practical experience and thought-leadership.

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Media & Journalism

The world of media and journalism are driven by the spread of digital technology and social media. We cover courses in Film, Literature, Drama, Journalism and Cultural Studies.

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Professional Accountancy

DBS is one of Ireland's leading colleges to study professional accountancy. Our reputation is built on having selected academics with over 15 years of experience.

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Psychology & Social Science

Learn about numerous fascinating study areas, from behavioural science to cognitive development to social policy development, social work and research.

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