Student Life

Dublin Business School is located right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland’s capital city and a perfect place to live, work, play and study. DBS makes it easy for you to live student life to the full with a wide range of services, facilities, clubs, societies, sports activities and events.

DBS students paddle boarding

Student Services

Our Student Services department looks after the academic, cultural and personal needs of our students. The department works as an important interface between college staff and our students, delivering information to students and taking feedback on academic and administrative matters. Read more...

Student Welfare

The school takes an active interest in the welfare of each and every student at DBS. The Student Services department is available to help with many aspects of student life, from finances to accommodations, study issues and travel and work visa applications. A confidential student counselling service is also available. Read more...


Because DBS is located in the heart of Dublin city, a very wide range of accommodation is available to students. The Student Services department publishes an annual accommodation list for existing and prospective students. Although all accommodation agreements are made between the student and the landlord or provider, we can provide advice and guidance. Read more...

Clubs and Societies

A great way to meet people is to get involved in one of the many clubs and societies at DBS, catering for the interests of all students. Off the sports field the college has plenty to offer through a variety of societies. Read more...

DBS Fashion Society

Student Events

Like any college, DBS hosts and promotes a number of student events throughout the year. These range from Freshers Week to the Halloween Ball, the Christmas Ball, Graduation Reception, Rag Week and more. Read more...

DBS Ball 2019

Radio DBS

Radio DBS is our college-based podcast radio programme whose aim is to inform and entertain DBS students. Weekly podcasts are made available to students through the DBS website and regularly feature competitions, news and useful college information along with the all important ‘craic’.

Sport at DBS

Because we believe that happy, healthy students make successful, fulfilled students, DBS places a big emphasis on providing a range of sporting activities. Soccer, basketball, sailing, cricket and rugby are some of the most popular sports in DBS. Read more...