Sport at DBS

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs at DBS are at the heart of our Student Experience.  We have a dedicated Sports Clubs and Societies Officer who is responsible for the organization and development for each of our exciting Sports Clubs. Being involved in a Sports Club offers students the opportunity to train, play and compete in sport that they love, no matter what their ability or level is.

Although competition is the objective within many of our sports at DBS, we also cater for students who may not wish to compete but would like to train within a particular sport for health, fitness or even social purposes.  Whether you want to try out a new activity or achieve some silverware in the sport that you are already familiar with, we hope that you will GET INVOLVED and have fun.  You can join most of our Sports Clubs throughout the year and the majority of the clubs organise new member and/or introductory training sessions early on in the term. Make sure you’re around during the Clubs & Societies Sign-Up Day.

Societies Life

Not a fan of labouring around the sports field in the wind and rain? Want to improve your skills, sharpen your talents and make lots of new friends? Then you should join one of our exciting societies at DBS. Our societies bring together our students who share a common interest to perform, run events, hold debates or try their hand at something completely new. At DBS we offer over 35 fun societies to choose from with Film, Law, LGBT, Dance, Photography and the Psychology Society all but a few. Once you’ve been involved in a society, you have the opportunity to stand for the committee. Helping to run a society is a very valuable experience, prized by future employers, and all the support you could wish for is available at the Student Services Office in Castle House.

Joining a society during your years at college is one of the best decisions you will ever make. It’s also one of the easiest because no matter who you are or what your tastes, there will be a society to suit you. With so much choice the best option is to dive right in and try everything!