Clubs and Societies at DBS 


DBS Sports Clubs

At DBS we believe happy, healthy students do better in their studies, that’s why we strive to provide a wide range of quality sporting activities to suit everybody’s tastes. Sport in DBS has enjoyed a history of great successes in a variety of sports, from soccer to basketball, cricket to sailing, students involved in DBS sports have regularly enjoyed taking home medals and trophies and this year has been no exception!

Sports in DBS depends on dedicated student participation, if there is enough interest in a sport, whether it’s a competing team or just for some fun and exercise we will provide equipment and training facilities to ensure students get the most enjoyment out of participating.

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DBS Societies 

A key area of the Sports and Societies Development Officers job is to focus on facilitating new and existing student societies. Societies are groups of students that have a common interest. Examples of popular societies in previous years within DBS are the Surf Society, Psychology Society, the Film Society, Drama Society and the Poker Society. Joining a society is a great way of meeting new people with similar interests, and making friends that quite often last longer than your time in University.  Successful society events over the last year include the Surf Societies Annual Surf Trip, open to anybody who wants to go, and last year the Psychology Society fundraised and secured funding for their trip to Vienna to see Sigmund Freud’s house. Societies change every year, with old ones getting replaced by new ones. It’s very easy to set up a society, for guidance regarding setting up a society send an email to It is generally accepted that if more than 30 people are interested in the Society the college will recognise it as an official DBS Society. Societies are usually set up at the start of the year in September/October before the sign-up day occurs during Freshers week, however some Societies start slightly later than that as new students realise they have common interests with others. 

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DBS Societies 2018/19:

Soccer (Men's A & B Team)

The Men's Soccer train once a week. It has been one of our most successful teams. They have been the Bob Eustace Cup champions twice in a row.  

Soccer (Women's)

The Women's Soccer team encourages signups from players with various skill levels. The weekly training promotes fun and fitness for its members.  

Rugby (Men's )

The Men's Rugby team are members of the Monkstown Rugby Club. New members are welcome whether you are a professional or beginner.  

Rugby (Women's)

The Women's Rugby team are a part of the Wanderer's Rugby Club. They train twice a week in a friendly and fun environment.  

Cricket (men's)

The Men's Cricket Team have gained huge success over the past year. They play competitive games in Trinity College. It is a famous sport amongst the international students in DBS.  

Basketball (Men's)

The Men's Basketball team aims to bring fun into their training and games. They are the 2017/18 champions for Division 2 and participated in the 2018 Intervarsity Weekend in Limerick.  

Basketball (Women's)

The Women's Basketball team consists of members from various backgrounds. They come together with eagerness to learn and enjoy the sport.  

Badminton (Mixed)

Our Badminton Club is a great forum to interact and make friends while enjoying a game of badminton.  

Team Handball (Men's & Women's)

Improve your skills and meet new friends when you join the Team Handball Club. They train twice a week in a friendly and entertaining environment.  

Pool & Snooker Club

The Pool & Snooker Club train weekly and participate in regular intervarsity competitions around Ireland. This is a great opportunity to develop your talent.  

Table Tennis

The Tennis Club have been successful over the past year and they participated in the Intervarsity Weekend. Tennis is a fantastic way to get fit and meet new friends.  


The Squash Club welcomes new members to participate in the fun and sociable trainings. It welcomes members with various levels of skills.  

Swimming Club

The Swimming Club offers an opportunity for beginners to learn the basics of swimming and also for advanced swimmers to improve their skills in the local swimming pool.  

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club is a martial art and combat sports system. It caters for all levels, whether you are a beginner or a pro.  

Athletics (Mixed)

The Athletics Club trains twice a week. They promote fitness in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This is a great experience for all members.  

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club offers plenty of trips and various lessons. It is a brilliant way to meet new people while learning new things.  

5-a-side Club

The 5-a-side club aims to bring weekly football games to its members in a fun and friendly environment, with an end of year tournament.  

Self-Defense Program

The self-defence club is a 20-week programme. It is a fantastic way to meet new people and to improve your self-defence skills.  

Golf Club

The Golf Club are welcoming new members. It is a social club where you can encounter new friends while improving your golf skills.  

Rounders Club (mixed)

Rounders is a fun and easy way to get some weekly exercise while socialising and meeting new friends. They are welcoming new members!  

Chess Club

The Chess Club aims to promote socialising in the Student Common Room. It is a wonderful way to learn the basics of chess while connecting with other students in DBS.  

Tennis Club

The Tennis Club have been successful over the past year and they participated in the Intervarsity Weekend. Tennis is a fantastic way to get fit and meet new friends.  

Surf Society

The surf society go on surfing trips at least once each semester to places like Donegal.  

Yoga Society

A weekly or fortnightly yoga class run in a nearby studio.  

Music Society

The Music society is a singing and instrumental group for all musicians and singers in DBS.  

DJ Society

The DJ Society is run by our DBS Resident DJ L.O.K. Celebrating all things music.  

Radio DBS

The DBS Radio Society aim to bring podcasts about the on-going events, clubs and societies news and College News.  

Photography Society

A society dedicated to going on trips to take photos all around Dublin and Ireland with an end of semester exhibition.  

Film Society

The film society is where film and cinema lovers go to see new films. There's also a movie night every Monday in the DBS Common room run by the society.  

Drama Society

The Drama society is a drama group for people who love to act.  

Arts and Crafts Society

A society dedicated to arts and crafts. Regularly hosting workshops to improve these skills.  

Psychological Society

The Psychology society is for all students, particularly those studying psychology, or for anyone looking to learn more about how people act the way they do.  

Law & Debating Society

The Law & Debating Soc is the main society that all Law students and public speaking enthuasiasts should join. From monthly (internal and external) debating competitions to a law firm mixer.  

FLAC Soc - (Free Legal Advice Clinic)

A society dedicated to give free legal advice to those who cannot afford a legal team.  

Business Society

The Business society is for all students, particularly those in a Business or entrepreneurial based course. 

Journalism Society

The Journalism society aims to bring news to the DBS Students as well as hosting workshops to improve and enhance your journalism and writing skills.  

Computer Society

The computer society aims to expand people's knowledge and use about computers and the tools you can use to enhance your academic performance.  

Finance Society

The finance society is for all students, particularly those in a finance based course.  

Events Society

Social Science Society

The Social Science Society is aimed towards people studying social care, psychology or a welfare based course. Social science is 'the scientific study of human society and social relationships'.  

International Students Society

The international students soc aims to help integrate new international students into Dublin and DBS.  

DESI Society

The Desi Society aims to help integrate new and existing Desi students into Dublin and DBS.  

Malaysian Society

The Malaysian Society aims to help integrate new and existing Malaysian students into Dublin and DBS. 

Kuwaiti Society

The Kuwaiti Society aims to help integrate new and existing Kuwaiti students into Dublin and DBS.  

Filipino Society

The Filipino Society aims to help integrate new and existing Filipino students into Dublin and DBS.  

Chinese Society

The Chinese Society aims to help integrate new and existing Chinese students into Dublin and DBS.  

African Society

The African Society aims to help integrate new and existing African students into Dublin and DBS.  

Student Welfare Society

The Student Welfare Society is run by our Student Welfare team and enables people to get involved in the Welfare aspect of the College.  

Volunteer Society

The Volunteer Society is for people who love helping out in local communities, especially around the College.  

Poker Society

The Poker Society host daily and weekly poker games in DBS both for fun and as tournaments.  

Gamers Society

The Gamers Society is for people who love all things video games. Discussing upcoming new releases and, of course, playing video games in the college.  

Football Supporters Society

The Football Supporters Society is a community within DBS where students get together and celebrate all things football. Their activities include attending live sports fixtures (including League of Ireland fixtures, Leinster Senior Games & potentially fixtures across Europe as well).  

Food & Drink Appreciation Society

The Food and drink appreciation Society is for people who love food and drink. Tasting different culture's foods.  

Horse Racing Society

Attending various race meetings around Ireland/UK and discussing tips for big racing festivals (Please remember to gamble responsibly).

Toast masters (public speaking) society

A society dedicated to public speaking. Join to improve your public speaking.  

How to get involved?  

Because college life is so much more than exams, coursework and lectures, DBS offers students the chance to get involved in a variety of Sports Clubs and Societies. Each year the annual Sign-Up Day takes place during Fresher’s and Re-Freshers Week, providing students with the opportunity to meet the coaches and student committees that manage the daily affairs of the Clubs and Societies. This is your opportunity to sign up and become a member of whatever interests you. Each of the Clubs and Societies at DBS is managed by student committees, which will typically consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Public Relation Officer and Treasurer. Some Sports Clubs may have a coach in addition to their student committee. Research has shown that students who are actively involved in the management of a Sports Club or Society are more likely to gain employment upon completion of their studies – make sure you don’t miss out. If you would like further information please email or sign up online.