US Study Abroad Semester Program at DBS

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Irish Life & Cultures Course

The Foundation Course is an interdisciplinary, introductory course on Irish politics, history, literature and culture. It is a mandatory course given during the first few weeks.

Elective Courses

Courses are provided in a variety of disciplines, including business, psychology, economics, film, cultural and media studies.


Offered at no additional cost to students in over 42 different organizations, facilitated by a dedicated Employer Liaison Officer.

Weekend field trips

Enhance classroom experience included in the study abroad programme. 

Full-time on-site Resident Director

The Director assists students in making the transition from living and studying in the U.S. to living and studying in Dublin.(Only for FIE students). 

Irish Life & Cultures Course

The Foundation Course is an interdisciplinary, introductory course on Irish politics, history, literature and culture. Casually referred to as “Ireland 101”, it is a comprehensive, mandatory course given during the first few weeks of each semester. It is offered exclusively to American study abroad students who are just beginning their semester abroad and is an excellent means for them to familiarize themselves with Ireland. The Foundation Course is enhanced by weekend field trips along with other historical sites that bring much of the academic coursework to life. The Foundation Course is 3 credit hours.

Elective Courses

Study abroad students may select from up to 70 undergraduate courses in both business and liberal arts (3 credit hours each) that are available each semester. Students are able to select from nearly every course available to both part-time and full-time DBS students, both domestic and international. Elective courses should be approved by a student’s academic advisor prior to departure. Students register in Dublin after they finish the Foundation Course and will not receive their course schedule until that time. Course changes can be made once a student arrives in Ireland; however, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the home institution of the change and obtain any credit transfer approval necessary. Detailed information about each course subject area offered can be found browsing the DBS Study Abroad Catalog.

Transfer Credit

In order for students to receive academic credit at their U.S. college or university for courses taken at DBS, each student must review the credit transfer process with their study abroad and/or academic advisors at their home institution. DBS cannot guarantee that courses taken in Ireland will transfer back to any U.S. college or university, but we are happy to provide the information your home institution requires to determine if DBS credits will transfer. Please refer to the DBS Study Abroad Catalog for complete listing of available course offerings.


Upon completion of the semester abroad, students will receive an official transcript of results issued by DBS. This will be sent directly to the student’s university. Should your home institution require a grade conversion chart, please contact the US Study Abroad Office.