Transfer Students

Transfer Student 

DBS accept applications from students wanting to entry into Year 2 and 3 of our full time degree programmes. 

Advanced entry applicants are assessed on the basis of previous third level qualifications or equivalent. Applications are to be made directly to the college, either through our website or by completing the relevant application form available from the Admissions Office.

The following guidelines generally apply:

(a) Applicants holding a QQI awarded level 6 course or equivalent in a relevant discipline will be considered for entry to the second year of an Honours degree (Level 8).
(b) Applicants holding a QQI awarded Ordinary Degree (level 7 course), A FETAC or equivalent in a relevant discipline will be considered for entry into Final Year (normally Year 3) of an Honours degree (Level 8).
(c) Applicants who have partially completed a third level programme at a Higher Education Institution may be considered for entry to a related programme in DBS at the appropriate level.

Please contact Cliona O’Beirne, Director of Admissions by emailing or by telephone on +353 1 4177500. 

Advanced entry to Year 2 & 3 in 2014 will be considered for the following undergraduate programmes:

School of Business

Honours Bachelor Degrees (Level 8)

BSc (Hons) Computing (DB500)
BA (Hons) Business (DB512)
BA (Hons) Business (Human Resource Management Stream) (DB515) 
BA (Hons) Financial Services (DB516)
BA (Hons) Marketing (Event Management Stream) (DB517)
BA (Hons) Marketing (Digital Media Stream) (DB518)
BA(Hons) Business (Work Placement Stream) (DB520)
BA (Hons) Business Management (Leisure & Recreation Management) (DB519)
BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (DB521) 
BA (Hons) Business Information Systems (DB524)
BA (Hons Marketing (Digital Media & Cloud Computing Stream) (DB525)
BA (Hons) Marketing (DB531) 
BA (Hons) Business with Psychology (DB569)
BA (Hons) Business (Management Stream) (Direct)
BA (Hons) Business (Project Management Stream) (Direct)

Ordinary Bachelor Degrees (Level 7)

Bachelor of Business (DB571) 
Bachelor of Business in Accounting (DB572) 
Bachelor of Business in Marketing (DB573)
Bachelor of Business in Information Technology (DB574)
School of Arts
Honours Bachelor Degrees (Level 8)  
BA (Hons) Film, Literature & Drama (DB553) 
BA (Hons) in Arts (DB561)
BA (Hons) Psychology (DB562) 
BA (Hons) Journalism (DB565)
BA (Hons) Media & Cultural Studies (DB564) 
BA (Hons) Social Science (DB566) 
BA (Hons) Film (DB567) 

Ordinary Bachelor Degrees (Level 7)

BA in Social Studies (DB575)
BA in Film & Media (DB576)
BA in Journalism & Media (DB578)

School of Law

Honours Bachelor Degrees (Level 8)

LL.B (Hons) in Irish Law (DB568)
BA (Hons) Business (Law) (DB514)

Ordinary Degrees (Level 7)

BA in Legal Studies (DB582)
BA in Legal and Business Studies (DB583)

Higher Certificates (Level 6)

Higher Certificate in Legal Studies (DB580)
Higher Certificate in Legal and Business Studies (DB581)