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Online Diploma in Psychology 

Online Diploma in HRM

Online Diploma in Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Diploma in Project Management

This DBS Online Diploma will be of interest to those who would like to know more about the key studies and theories that have shaped our understanding of the mind and behaviour. The course is taught in recorded weekly scheduled classes, using a cloud based app that works on any device. In addition students will have access to the Moodle learning management system that brings the class and teacher together for activities and access to resources. Students of psychology develop a set of skills highly valued by employers in terms of communication, organisation, critical thinking and time-management. What is more, psychology is a science and this means you will develop the skills to study behaviour logically and analytically. Employers value this skill-set. In addition, the subject matter enables psychology students to benefit from insights into effective thinking styles, into developing resilience and into the kinds of strategies that can help one make better decisions in business and in life.

Programme Aims and Objectives

Students who complete our Online Diploma in Psychology should be able to:

  • Understand the key principles underlying some of the dominant perspectives in psychology

  • Apply this knowledge to better understand their past behaviour and the behaviour of others

  • Apply this understanding to improve decision-making and inter-personal skills

  • Approach the study of behaviour in a methodical and scientific fashion

  • Evaluate psychological theories, research and evidence

  • Be able to apply strategies to improve their skills in stress management and resilience


To meet the requirements of the Online Diploma in Psychology, a student will be required to
complete the following:

  • Psychological study 100%

Please note this programme is not on the National Framework of Qualifications  (NFQ).

DBS Student Facilities

Online Learning Environment - is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material, interactive education sessions, and is home to your virtual online classroom which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS. 

DBS Online Library - The Online Library provides a programme of introductory videos and virtual classroom sessions in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. These will be facilitated through the DBS Online Learning Environment prior to your commencement on the Diploma programme.

DBS Virtual Community of Learners – You will become part of DBS Online’s Virtual Community of Learners where you can network and share with your fellow online students.

Programme content

This course will introduce you to the key elements from some of the dominant explanations of human behaviour, including psychoanalysis, behaviourism, humanistic and positive psychology and cognitive psychology. As far as possible these elements will be demonstrated through interactive learning and practical exercises.


Indicative Syllabus

Introduction to psychology

An introduction to psychology

Understanding Research Methods

Research Methods

How to do research in psychology: core concepts in research

Social Psychology

How social psychologists study behaviour and how psychology differs from commonsense explanations of behaviour.


How attitudes are defined and how they change


Use of JASP (online software programme for data analysis)

The relationship between our attitudes and how we think

Cognition and thinking styles


Introduction to psychoanalysis

Developing a poster: how to lay out a study in poster format.

The meaning of dreams and the other means through which unconscious impulses are expressed.

Psychoanalysis - Freud and post-Freudians

Freud's explanation of personality and method of treatment

Defence mechanisms


Habituation and classical conditioning and behaviourist treatments and applications

Behaviourism - operant conditioning

Core concepts and empirical evidence

Comparing and contrasting behaviourism and psychoanalysis

Humanistic psychology

Maslow and Rogers and their theories

Stress and stress management

Compare biological and psychological explanations of stress and stress management


Course Recap




The DBS Online Diploma in Psychology  will be run wholly online including workshops, tutorials and programme assessment.

Technical Requirements for DBS Online Diploma Programmes

The virtual learning environment that we use to deliver these programmes is centred around two applications – Moodle (a learning management system) and Zoom (an online classroom).  

  • Moodle provides the information about the course, the lecturer and the timetable. You will find materials and activities here, as well as links to the live sessions

  • Zoom is an online collaboration tool that enables both the lecturer and the students to interact with each other and the materials being presented on the whiteboard

    To use Moodle you will need:

  • A desktop or laptop PC or Mac, a tablet, iPad or mobile phone

  • Any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) or either the Apple or Android app for your tablet, iPad or mobile phone

  • Materials are normally PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents. If you do not already have apps that can open these files, these can be made freely available to you for the duration of the course

For the live classes in Zoom it is important that you are able to both see and hear the class, and to be able to interact with the other participants.  For this you will need to have:

  • a microphone

  • speakers

  • a webcam

Most modern devices come with all of these built in.  If yours does not have all of these (or it is broken) there are a few options you can explore:

  • Use the Zoom app on your mobile phone to attend classes

  • Purchase an external webcam with a built in microphone (these are available from around €15)

  • Purchase a headset with a microphone (also around €15)

  • Use a combination or your PC and phone by dialling in to the Zoom session for the audio (numbers available for most countries)

If you have any questions about any of these requirements please contact the admissions team who will put you in touch with the IT Support Team here at Dublin Business School.

Career Progression Opportunities

Having completed the diploma you will be able to apply the psychology insights and skills learnt on the programme in work and in relations outside work. You will be in a stronger position to pursue psychology at a higher level, including at degree or postgraduate level (if you already have a degree in an area other than psychology). Many with a psychology degree utilise the skills learnt to advance their present career or to pursue a new one across a range of related fields in business, health, teaching, counselling and some embark on the further study needed to become a professional psychologist in areas such as clinical, educational, forensic psychology and in research.

Student Profile

This online Diploma attracts a diverse range of students from varied backgrounds. Some students might have a general interest in the area of the psychology while other learners undertake the Diploma because they wish to develop their theoretical understanding and the research and applied skills that will allow them to advance their career and/or improve their personal life.





The fee for this online diploma is €1,500. This is inclusive of tuition, registration and DBS library online membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins.


Next Steps

Apply here or contact us by email or phone +353 (1) 4177500.

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Course overview


Online delivery
- 1 online class per week 
- 1 weekly podcast
Intake: Spring 2020
Duration: 12 weeks

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