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DBS Online April intake commencing 21st April for the following 4 programmes


Online Diploma in Psychology 

Online Diploma in HRM

Online Diploma in Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Diploma in Project Management

Our Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy, which is run wholly online, brings together all the necessary skills to design, build, manage and measure effective online and digital campaigns weaving together the core skills of digital marketing, social media, online PR, paid and organic search and measurement programmes.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The aim of this online digital marketing course is to provide participants with a clearly defined set of practical digital skills which can be leveraged immediately at client-side marketing teams, digital and integrated agencies, and drive strategy and tactical solutions for enterprise e-commerce businesses, B2B and B2C businesses, communications and public relations organisations, owner managed businesses, and web marketing organisations.


Assessment for the  the DBS Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy will be conducted through 100% continuous assessment.  

DBS Online Diploma students can avail of facilities to assist them in every aspect of their studies, please see below for more details. 

Please note this programme is not on the National Framework of Qualifications  (NFQ).

DBS Student Facilities

Online Learning Environment - is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material, interactive education sessions, and is home to your virtual online classroom which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS. 

DBS Online Library - The Online Library provides a programme of introductory videos and virtual classroom sessions in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. These will be facilitated through the DBS Online Learning Environment prior to your commencement on the Diploma programme.

DBS Virtual Community of Learners – You will become part of DBS Online’s Virtual Community of Learners where you can network and share with your fellow online students.




Course Content

The DBS Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy covers:

Online Marketing

Analyse key ways of driving traffic, creating awareness and generating and managing leads online, for businesses and services

  • Content Marketing Programmes

  • Inbound Marketing Strategies

  • SEO and Website Optimisation

  • Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Website Analytics

  • Email Marketing 

  • Leveraging Blogging, Micro-blogging, Video, Images and Audio to help engage and activate customers online. 

Effective Use of Social Media

Analysing key social media channels and platforms and looking at case studies of businesses that are using social media to develop their business. 

  • An in depth look at diverse number of social media platforms and channels with relevant case studies

  • Develop business cases and objectives for Social Media Programmes

  • How to identify relevant social media channels for your business, and measuring campaigns. 

  • Risks associated with engaging with social tools

  • Listening to your customers, competitors and the marketplace

Developing and Executing a Digital Strategy

How to create a digital strategy for your organisation that takes a holistic view of all digital and social channels and platforms and aligns with strategic goals. 

  • Aligning overall business objectives and goals with digital strategies

  • Importance of creating digital personas that represents the behaviours, needs and technographics of target audience

  • How to analyse and research digital preferences and locations of target audiences

  • How to decompose a digital strategy into an executable digital tactic framework which delivers on stated business objectives

Online Sales Optimisation

Create a programme for testing, measuring and optimising site content to ensure the sales funnel is constantly meeting targets and goals.

  • Case studies demonstrating the power that images, content and information layout have on augmenting conversion outcomes for online properties

  • Analysing B2B, B2C and economics Sales Funnels and assessing effectiveness and potential leakage points  

  • Optimising site design augmented with  clear calls to action programme

  • Implement A/B split and multi-variate testing programmes

  • Analysing site information architecture to ensure no information blockages



The DBS Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy will be run wholly online including workshops, tutorials and programme assessment.

Each module will be taught using practical case studies in order to ground all theoretical learning in real-life industry examples. The tutor will deliver core demonstrations of relevant digital tools. 

Technical Requirements for DBS Online Diploma Programmes

The virtual learning environment that we use to deliver these programmes is centred around two applications – Moodle (a learning management system) and Zoom (an online classroom).  

  • Moodle provides the information about the course, the lecturer and the timetable. You will find materials and activities here, as well as links to the live sessions

  • Zoom is an online collaboration tool that enables both the lecturer and the students to interact with each other and the materials being presented on the whiteboard

    To use Moodle you will need:

  • A desktop or laptop PC or Mac, a tablet, iPad or mobile phone

  • Any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) or either the Apple or Android app for your tablet, iPad or mobile phone

  • Materials are normally PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents. If you do not already have apps that can open these files, these can be made freely available to you for the duration of the course

For the live classes in Zoom it is important that you are able to both see and hear the class, and to be able to interact with the other participants.  For this you will need to have:

  • a microphone

  • speakers

  • a webcam

Most modern devices come with all of these built in.  If yours does not have all of these (or it is broken) there are a few options you can explore:

  • Use the Zoom app on your mobile phone to attend classes

  • Purchase an external webcam with a built in microphone (these are available from around €15)

  • Purchase a headset with a microphone (also around €15)

  • Use a combination or your PC and phone by dialling in to the Zoom session for the audio (numbers available for most countries)

If you have any questions about any of these requirements please contact the admissions team who will put you in touch with the IT Support Team here at Dublin Business School.

Career Progression Opportunities

Participants who complete this online digital marketing course will be able to pursue opportunities in managing online marketing and sales campaigns within client-side marketing organisations, manage large volume ecommerce sites, create and manage digital campaigns within an agency environment, and develop careers in online PR. They will have an expert understanding of how to develop and rollout digital and social media strategies within organisations of all sizes that are aligned with corporate objectives.

Student Profile 

Our digital marketing courses are great for students who have previous marketing experience but wish to upskill and stay abreast of developments in their field of expertise. Many come from medium and large enterprises who are looking to implement strategic digital plans aligned with key business objectives, others come from an agency background and are seeking to develop and understand core strategies for implementing digital campaigns, and finally there tends to be a mix of entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to either develop new business ideas or make a career switch.


The fee for this online diploma is €1,500. This is inclusive of tuition, registration and DBS library online membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins.


Next Steps

Apply here or contact us by email or phone +353 (1) 4177500.

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Course overview


Online delivery
- 1 online class per week
- 1 weekly podcast
Intake: Spring 2020
Duration: 12 weeks



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