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Sports Scholars at DBS: Meet Cricket Player Emad Uddin


Emad Uddin is currently studying the BA (Hons) in Business at DBS on a Sports Scholarship. He told us about his experience at DBS so far and his love for playing Cricket.

Tell us about yourself?

I am originally from Saudi Arabia. I was born and brought up in Jeddah. I have always been very expressive, I say and do what I feel and never keep my emotions hidden. You could say I'm like an open book. I am also passionate about the things I love, so be it in academics, sports or other simple things in life.

Why did you choose your programme?

The reason I chose this programme is very simple; I have been great at finance and management ever since I was in school. My dad is a businessman so my interest in business was already developed. I think it's just something that comes naturally to me and if you look at my academic results you'll see I am good at it too. 

What is your favourite subject and why?

My favourite subject would have to be something related to finance or accounting. I love to play with numbers and you could say I get a kick out of solving difficult equations and problems. It's like a whole different world of numbers ready to be explored.

What are your career aspirations after your programme?

I think careers are progressive. I can't just plan to start a business right after or expect to be the boss of a firm, but I am extremely hopeful that with my expertise, degree and skills I can manage to get into a good  company and do what I love doing.

Tell us about your sport?

I'd say sports is my life. I do play other sports as well but Cricket is in my blood. Cricket is my game. My dad taught me Cricket since I could start walking, and I've been playing ever since. I started to play professional Cricket at the age of 10 in Saudi Arabia. At the age of 13 I did my first ever International Tour to Nepal representing Saudi Arabia U-15 National team. Since then I never looked back and other tournaments followed after which were mentioned in my profile. I don't think I can describe the passion I have for Cricket. It is indescribable in words but it can be seen when I'm playing on the field. 

What is it like playing competitive club Cricket?

Competitive Cricket is what I have always wanted. I have played for many clubs across the world. It is always a good experience and I think healthy competition is good. It enhances your skills effectively and also teaches you where you stand amongst the elite players. The more experience you have the more mature you get. Ireland has good competitive Cricket. I played for 3 different clubs in 3 different leagues in last year's season and it was an amazing experience. Lets hope that this year's season goes much better than the last one.

What has it been like playing sport at DBS?

One of my main reasons to come to DBS was to play good Cricket for a college team as well and I think it is one of the finest decision I've made. The sports in DBS is so professional and is taken seriously along with the academics. They go hand in hand and that balance is significant. I've now been made the Captain of the team, which is a huge responsibility as I am representing DBS. I have got a good bunch of guys who are very cooperative. Sports like Cricket cannot be played individually, there has to be teamwork. Thankfully that is what I have gathered here, an excellent team who are not afraid to take on a challenge. 

What is your best memory of DBS so far?

I've had many great memories in DBS college but the most important one was when DBS defeated ICD in the winner takes all situation game last year in Trinity College which was my first ever outdoor game for DBS as a Captain. Adam and other Student Union members were there as well to support us. I still remember that was an amazing thrilling game and in the end DBS won and qualified for the Quarter Finals.

Many thanks to Emad for sharing his story with us! 



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