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Advance Your Career with a Diploma in Project Management

A Project Management qualification can boost a variety of careers across a diverse range of sectors including financial services, ICT, life sciences and construction. With the Irish economy set to remain strong in 2019, there has never been a better time to upskill in your field, or branch off into a new one.


What Will a Diploma in Project Management Entail?

The Diploma in Project Management at DBS is a 14-week course that takes place part-time, with one evening class per week. The flexible schedule is designed to suit professionals and non-professionals who need to fit their studies around a hectic work schedule as well as other responsibilities.

What Will I Learn on this Course?

This programme will give a thorough overview of the skills necessary to work as a Project Manager and lead a business or team to success. Students will gain an understanding of, and an insight into, managing a project from conceptualisation all the way through to completion.

Some of the topics covered include communication, leadership, negotiation and team building skills, critical success factors, project life cycle and risk management. Students will create their own project plan, utilising the various tools and techniques of project initiation (planning, execution, control, and closeout) to successfully achieve project objectives.

How Will this Diploma Benefit My Career?

Learning new skills is great, but the bottom line is more important and you might want to know how a Project Management Diploma can really make a difference to your career. Once you have acquired this qualification, you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to step up to a management position, or if already in one, you will learn the key skills to get the most out of your team and improve how you organise and manage your workload. Whether it’s a promotion you’re after, or a new job you once felt was out of reach, the Diploma in Project Management can help get you there.

Diploma classes are starting soon; to apply for the Diploma in Project Management at DBS, visit our website here. 

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