Student Interview: Vanessa White

Vanessa White studied the Advanced Diploma in Marketing at DBS. We asked her about studying at DBS, and what drew her to the college...

Vanessa White

Why did you choose this course?

I had already received a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies from DIT and a Postgraduate Diploma in PR / Events from the Fitzwilliam Institute but I wanted to get further training on marketing to benefit my future career path.

Did you enjoy the course?  

I found the course very enjoyable, particularly the various components of the marketing mix and ​strategic marketing practice.

How did the course benefit you personally?

It ignited a passion for digital marketing which then lead to me working with online advertising.

Do you think the course helped you get your current role?

The course did help me and I now work with large customer sales for FMCG clients; and understanding the application of marketing communications has allowed me to get a better understanding of my customers business.

Where are you currently working? 

Account Manager for a digital advertising provider across the UK and Irish market.

What you felt was the best thing about studying in DBS? 

The lecturer’s had very practical lessons regarding the marketing industry and its application in the Irish and European market. It also exposed me to several marketing literature and frameworks.