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SMEDIA Awards 2022


We would like to congratulate DBS alumni Clare O’Beara on her recent win at the National Student Media Awards 2022, which took place on Thursday 28th April in the Aviva Stadium. 

Clare, who won a national award for photojournalism, was one of our best Peer Mentors over her two years of service on the programme and also won Peer Mentor of the year award while she was with us at DBS.

Clare was studying Journalism at DBS at the time of creating and publishing the winning piece ‘And Finally - Relaxing In The Park’ as part of her thesis project. ‘And Finally - Relaxing In The Park’ documents and celebrates people taking their permitted exercise, often accompanied by dogs, in local parks during the pandemic lockdowns.

You can read the photojournalism article here.

A huge congratulations again to Clare, from team DBS!