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Dublin Business School joins AdvanceHE


The primary strategic objective of Dublin Business School (DBS) is to produce work-ready graduates. DBS is a leader in the provision of private education in Ireland. Founded in 1975 as an accountancy and business college, DBS has built upon its legacy over the years extending its offerings to now include: undergraduate, postgraduate, professional diplomas, springboard+, ACCA and CIMA programmes.  This extensive suite of courses covers a myriad of sectors including; Business, Finance, Computing, Psychology, Law, Film & Creative Media, Social Care and many more.

In order to achieve the primary objective of producing work-ready graduates; DBS is committed to employing a number of industry-based faculty with considerable real-world experience, and supports continued development in these areas to ensure relevant and up-to-date course material.

To this end, DBS recently became a member of AdvanceHE; a body designed to support strategic change and continuous improvement through the development of individuals and organisations of higher education. As well as gaining access to the Knowledge Portal, membership of AdvanceHE allows DBS to facilitate access to the fellowship track so that faculty have a mechanism to acknowledge their teaching and learning experience and identify gaps to shape continuing professional development.

DBS prides itself on the professional capacity and industry experience of its faculty, which makes the professionalization of teaching that the AdvanceHE fellowships encourages a natural fit.