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DBS announces new partnership with Uversity

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DBS is delighted to announce its new partnership with Uversity, an education charity awarding higher education scholarships to adult learners.

During this time of unrest, many among us are contemplating the consequences of COVID-19 and its possible ramifications for the future.  Others may consider returning to education to stay ahead and prepare for the new future. To this end, DBS has partnered with Uversity in order to extend our reach to mature students.

This scholarship is available for mature applicants only, and applications must be made through CAO. Eligible programmes include:

BSc (Hons) Computing (CAO Code: DB500)

BSc (Hons) Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data)  (CAO Code: DB502)

BA (Hons) Business (Information Systems)  (CAO Code: DB524)

BA (Hons) Business (Cloud Computing)  (CAO Code: DB526)

 >> For more on theses courses visit:

The above STEM degree programmes at DBS are currently funded by the Government’s Human Capital Initiative programme.  These courses are linked with specific skills shortages identified by the Government and as such; the employment prospects for graduates are very promising.

Tuition fees will be covered by the HCI scheme. Any further incurring expenses, e.g. administration and registration fees; will be covered by the Uversity Scholarship for successful recipients.

Interested applicants should review the eligibility criteria and application process details here, and submit their applications to Uversity by the 23:59 pm, 20th April 2020 deadline.