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Why Do A Diploma with Dublin Business School?


DBS offers an array of professional diploma courses covering a wide range of subject areas including digital marketing, human resource management, accounting & finance and project management. 

What is a Diploma?

Diplomas are great as an add-on or stand-alone qualification. Whether you are looking to build on your current interests and enhance your promotional prospects or looking to venture into new areas of study - a professional diploma form DBS will help you to realise your career ambitions.

Why chose DBS for your Diploma?

We offer diplomas on a part-time (evening) basis to accommodate those with busy work schedules. Perhaps you have thought about advancing your career or switching gears entirely but can’t quite commit to a full-time course – then why not ‘dip your toe in the water’ by completing a professional diploma with DBS.

Located right in the heart of Dublin; our city-centre location is perfectly placed to suit the working student. We are well connected by public transport allowing for easy access to and from classes.

Our student body is as diverse as the programmes we offer – and everyone has a different reason for undertaking a diploma at different stages in their life but we have found the following reasons to resonate with graduates:

Career progression

Promotion opportunities greatly increase when people actively takes steps to develop and enhance their skills. An interested and involved employee who is dedicated to self-improvement will stand out when it comes to promotion.

Change of career

Tired of your current work situation? Looking to change career paths? Completing a diploma in your area of interest is a great way to start. Because our diplomas are offered on a part-time basis, there is little risk involved if you are looking to change careers but apprehensive of abandoning the security offered by your current job. Engage your interest with a professional diploma and take the first steps towards a new you!


Some students decide to complete a diploma simply because there are interested in a topic. It is perfectly okay to engage your curiosity and dabble in subjects of interest that mightn’t necessarily be of influence in your everyday life. Some people run marathons, some people are quizmasters, and some are academics.

Sense of achievement

Others are motivated by self-discipline and personal growth. Self-actualisation is a drive or need present in everyone, it refers to the realisation or fulfilment of a person’s talents and potentialities. Setting and achieving goals and targets is psychologically beneficial and proven to promote personal contentment.

Staying current

Certain sectors of industry move quite rapidly and sometimes upskilling is required to stay ahead of the game. Keeping up to date with industry practice is crucial to succeeding in the workplace.

Work promoted

Because of this, many companies will pay for employees to upskill in their chosen field. Employers want the best from their employees and will expect that they are familiar with the latest practice and standards.

Whatever the reason, there are many value added benefits to undertaking, completing, and achieving a professional diploma with DBS.

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