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DBS Establishes FinTech Industry Advisory Board


DBS held its first FinTech Industry Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday morning (30th July). Twelve major players in the Irish Financial Services Industry have pledged their involvement as panel members of a new Board which will meet every 6-8 weeks. 

The core objective of the FinTech Advisory Board is clear: 
To support the FinTech ecosystem though the cultivation of a strong ‘talent’ pillar of learners and graduates.

Tuesday’s meeting focused on the potential outcomes of this board as a joint collaboration; creating a talent hub to serve both industry and students alike. 

Andrew Quinn, Course Director of Accountancy and Finance programmes at DBS shared his thoughts on the meeting: 

“The level of insight and the seriousness of the attendees was immediately evident, and a number of innovative ideas emerged from their highly engaged discussion.”

Inspired by the recent success of three DBS Fintech Postgraduate students on a research project into the European banking system; the board aims to continue nurturing a mutually beneficial partnership between FinTech industry stakeholders and DBS.  

Andrew Quinn expressed his enthusiasm at the formation of this board, “I would like to thank all involved in supporting this initiative, and I look forward, with some excitement, to the evolution of this Board and its influence in shaping DBS’s strategic vision -  ‘making a difference and creating successful careers’ – for our graduates.”