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FIDERH Affordable Loans for Mexican Students


FIDERH is a Federal Trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico, which for over 40 years has been financing graduate studies for Mexican students either in Mexico or abroad.

As one of a select numbers of Irish colleges approved by Banco de Mexico's FIDERH, please note the information below, as it may assist you financially with studying at Dublin Business School.

FIDERH's mission is to offer affordable loans to Mexican students towards their graduate studies.

Benefits of FIDERH
  • No administrative costs

  • No payments and no interest during studies

  • Students receive the resources in the foreign currency and pay back in Mexican pesos

  • Repayments start 1 year after graduation

  • 10-year student loans

  • Discounts in payments if the loan is paid off in time and students return to work in Mexico

  • Interest payments are cancelled if students return to work in a Mexican university as a researcher or professor

Graduate courses at Dublin Business School can be found here. FIDERH'S contact information can be found here.