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Spotlight On: Diploma in Social Science

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Whether you wish to pursue a general interest in the social sciences or are seeking an introduction to studying within the multidisciplinary field of the social sciences, the Diploma in Social Science is the programme for you. Social Science is the interdisciplinary study of human society. It draws upon disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and applied social studies, and this range of disciplines is represented in the programme.

About the Programme

The Diploma in Social Science allows students to complete two core modules from the BA (Hons) Social Science degree in DBS School of Arts and explore their own learning in a manner that allows them to exit, if they wish, after a year of study with a DBS diploma or continue as a part-time Social Science student on the BA (Hons) Social Science (to progress to the degree programme students must meet minimum entry requirements for modular students).

Two key areas of Social Science are studied: Introduction to Sociology and Criminology. Students study a demanding set of topics along with other part-time students and are assessed on their knowledge. The objective is to gain and demonstrate an understanding of core topic areas of Social Science and explore how Social Scientists research and interpret human and societal phenomena, such as crime.

Programme Structure

The Diploma in Social Science aspires to a learner centred approach to learning and teaching. Learning and teaching methods that may be utilised include lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops. Each module is organised in a variety of ways so as to best encourage the engagement, development and collaboration of learners. Learners are actively encouraged and assisted to manage their own studies outside of lectures. This is facilitated by the teaching styles and methods adopted within each module and by placing greater emphasis on practically focused assessment.

Career Opportunities

Students will be able to apply the skills they have learned during the Diploma programme to a variety of areas of work, especially in the public sector, including social care, social work, community youth work, and community development work. Others working in policing and nursing vocations will also find the components of the programme of value. Indeed, many students find that studying these modules increases their awareness and knowledge of salient issues affecting society, thereby increasing their confidence in discussing and debating such important topics.

Student Testimonial

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be very educational; it really got me thinking and sparked many interesting conversations both in class and out of class.” – Jennie Redmond

To apply for the Diploma in Social Science please visit our website or contact the Admissions Team at [email protected].

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