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Spotlight On: Diploma in Legal Studies/Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies


Legal Studies is a one year Diploma programme designed for those wishing to obtain foundation knowledge of the core principles of Irish Law, perhaps with a view to pursuing a career in the legal field. The Diploma is geared towards students from non-legal backgrounds, together with individuals working in the legal field who have no prior formal legal education.

About the Programme

The course will provide an introduction to the core aspects of Irish law and the legal system, as recognised by the legal profession. It is intended to provide an understanding of Constitutional Law Principles, Contract, Tort, Criminal and Company Law issues and the law as it relates to property in Ireland. Students will study the law from a practical perspective and classes will be based on theory combined with problem solving situations. Students may also wish to study a further two modules in order to be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies. These eight modules are the areas in which students study in preparation for taking the Law Society Final Examination Part 1 (FE1) and so provide an excellent grounding for students coming from non legal backgrounds.

Programme Structure

The lecturing team consists of a team of staff that combine both academic qualifications with substantial practical legal experience, and this practical perspective is reflected in the delivery of the modules. A wide range of teaching techniques include lectures and class interaction, and case studies will form an integral part of the course. Students who wish to complete the Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies can complete an additional two modules following completion of the Legal Studies diploma, and students can apply for these modules separately if they wish to continue their studies.

Career Opportunities

This programme will be of benefit to anybody seeking to further or even begin their legal education. Regardless of whether or not students wish to improve their employment opportunities, the core legal skills and understanding gained from the course will be beneficial to any person seeking further education in this area.

Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the course. There was so much detail and understanding of the basis of the legal system without it being too overwhelming and it was a great starting point for someone like me who had limited experience of law. The classes were interesting and I didn’t feel they were too long, it helped that the lecturers were so engaging and we weren’t just reading straight from a text book or notes. Surprisingly, the modules I didn’t think I would be interested in turned out to be the ones I enjoyed most. I found the lecturers were great at guiding you through the course material and it was easy to ask them questions whenever you needed to.” – Kelly Rumgay

“I loved the course, simply put. I found it so interesting and found it hugely enjoyable listening to my lecturers. Doing a part time course while you work full time is hard but it was so easy to go to college at night when you enjoy the course. From a personal point of view, its given me a huge amount of confidence. I never thought I had half a brain to study legal studies key alone do it while working full time. It was something I was thinking about for a long time and I finally bit the bullet and did it. You honestly feel like you can do anything!” – Rebecca Rehill

To apply for the Diploma in Legal Studies/Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies please visit our website or contact the Admissions Team at [email protected].  


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