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DBS Computer Society Visit HubSpot

DBS | Computer Soc | HubSpot Visit

Our Comp Soc students were delighted to have the opportunity to visit the HubSpot offices in October. They gave us a rundown of the day, and told us what insights they gained, including some all-important tips to securing employment at this fantastic company.

First Impressions…

On Wednesday 17th October DBS Computer Society had the privilege of visiting the HubSpot headquarters in Dublin. Based in the Docklands, students made their way on foot just a short walk from the college campus. Upon arrival students were picking their jaws up from the floor as they bore witness to the stunning offices and numerous smiling employees we met.  

Mark and Dale met us in reception and we made our way through the offices, taking note of how HubSpot have made great use of the space. From table tennis tables to nap rooms and a library, the students were writing their CVs getting ready to request interviews straight away.

Mark really made us feel welcome from the start, having a boardroom booked for the duration of our visit as well as arranging refreshments for the students and co-ordinating to have a number of staff members speak to the group about their experiences within HubSpot.

Working at HubSpot…

Mark gave us an introduction of his experience working in HubSpot before introducing Jason who gave us an overview of his day-to-day workings as a Business Enablement Engineer. Jason discussed the languages used within his day, the clubs he’s a part of, and his journey to becoming a member of the HubSpot family.

Following on from this, Clara discussed her life as part of the Business Enablement IT support team. The students learned many things from Clara, not least the fact that an Almond is not a nut and the importance of humour throughout the day. Clara gave great insight into her day-to-day activities and students were duly impressed and eager to join the team!

Making Your Application Stand Out…

The students were then privileged to have Ian, an in-house recruiter talk to us about the best ways to prepare your CV, LinkedIn profile and also how to prepare for interviews. From avoiding buzz phrases like ‘great at team work’ and ‘leadership qualities’ Ian stressed the importance of showing these qualities rather than naming them. Ian also advised on the difference between mentioning you worked on a project, versus telling the scope of the project, your input and learnings, and how the latter can convey a greater sense of how you may fit into the company.

Aaron then took time out of his own schedule to discuss his assent to become Head of Global IT. He discussed his journey from school to the chair he sat in and really showed the students the many ways you can embrace a challenge and choose the path you walk.

Finally, Belinda discussed her journey of recently joining HubSpot, the recruitment process as well as how she has fitted into her team seamlessly.

Happy Workplace, Happy Workers!

Throughout the day, one reoccurring theme was just how happy all employees of HubSpot were to be working there. From their day-to-day activities that keep them engaged in their roles to the sense of family and belonging they feel working with their colleagues, every student left HubSpot feeling excited about their own potential and are now preparing their CVs to apply come May 2019!

Lastly, Dale gave the group a full tour of the office space and showed how the company really invest in their people and their work spaces. From a library, to standing desks to an in-house gym it is clear that HubSpot cares about its employees.



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