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Why Choose DBS

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Choosing the course and college that’s right for you can be overwhelming, here’s what DBS has to offer.

City Centre Location – With 5 campuses around Dublin City Centre, and all within close proximity of each other, you won’t be short of places to eat, drink and entertain yourself between classes. Meeting up with friends is a breeze, as you will have the city on your doorstep with all of the convenience and facilities that goes along with it.

QQI Accredited – All of our undergraduate courses are QQI accredited. This means that a degree from DBS is quality-assured and recognised internationally; you will receive the same qualification that you would expect from any third-level university in Ireland.

Smaller Class Sizes – At DBS you will not be another face in the crowd. More intimate class sizes means that you will be given an opportunity to have your voice heard and will
get to know everybody, inside and outside of your class.
DBS Experience – We commit to giving our students the best college experience possible, from Orientation Week all the way through to the day you graduate. Led by the Student Experience Team, you will have the opportunity to take part in countless events, activities, expeditions and weekends away, and a wide range of clubs and societies. You will make lifelong friends and lasting memories.

Get Work-Ready – College can’t last forever (unfortunately), and we want to make sure that our students are not just knowledgeable about their chosen field, but that they are ready to apply what they’ve learned to the real world and launch successful careers for themselves. We emphasise the importance of work experience, and will develop your professional prospects from the get go with the help of our Careers Services Team.

You can view our range of full-time undergraduate courses here. If you have any questions or uncertainty about filling out your CAO form, don’t hesitate to contact the DBS Admissions team on (01) 4177 500 or email