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DBS Psychology Society Wins PSI Society of the Year

DBS Psychology Society VP, Sarah Kenny, told us all about the hard work that went into running Psych Soc, and what made it worthy of this prestigious award...

The DBS Psychology Society are pleased to announce that we have won the PSI Society of the Year Award, joint with UCD. We are extremely proud of our achievement, as well as all of the hard work we put in this year.


There are many factors as to why we think we were awarded this title. At the end of the day, it comes down to three things – teamwork, effort and creativity. The committee all worked together to ensure we provided our fellow students with a quality experience. In September, we had to build the society from the ground up. This took 100% commitment and diligent effort from our committee members, as well as assistance from the SU and DBS psychology department. We got creative in terms of our events – we wanted to host events that previous psychology societies at DBS had not done before. We got feedback from the students on what could help them, and decided to make this the basis of the events we would hold over the coming academic year.



Some of the events we held this year include our Psych Summit, where we invited professional psychologists to talk to the DBS students about their beginnings in psychology, as well as how it helped them reach their goals and achieve their current position. 


We also held public speaking and presentation workshops, a poster competition and a fundraiser for the Irish Heart Foundation. We have been active around the college and PSI, helping with numerous events and attending talks. We have also teamed up with the DBS societies to create bigger events for our friends and fellow students, like movie nights with the DBS Film Soc.  We would like to thank the college for their ongoing support!

DBS Psychological Society Committee 2017/18 

Hamza Razaq - President
Sarah Kenny - Vice President
Vanessa Tolentino - Vice President
Jessica Flynn - Secretary
Kyzia Lei Bacat - Treasurer
Calli Best - Public Relations Officer
Aidyl Sanchez - Public Relations Officer
Emma Russell - Public Relations Officer
Iago Lima - Public Relations Officer
Lem Martinez - 1st Year Rep
Joanna Ryan - Part-Time Studies Rep