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Psychology Poster Conference & Awards Ceremony 2018

DBS final year BA (Hons) Psychology and Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology students showcased their dissertation research projects at this year’s Psychology Poster Conference in March. The annual Poster Conference is the culmination of all the hard work put in by the students throughout the year, and provides the students with an opportunity to share their work with their family, friends, classmates and faculty members. 



Each year the students come up with a variety of interesting topics, and this year was no different. The projects that really shone were awarded first, second or third place at an awards ceremony led by Executive Dean of DBS, Andrew Conlan-Trant. Psychology lecturer, Pauline Hyland, and Registrar, Lori Johnston, were also on hand to congratulate the students on their achievement.



The details of the winners and links to their prize-winning work can be found below.

Award: 1st place HDip full-time

Student: Maeve Dwan O'Reilly

Supervisor: Dr Pauline Hyland

Title: Acculturative stress in English language learners, predicting psychological well-being and buffered by social support.

Award: 1st place HDip part-time

Student:  Niamh Burgess

Supervisor: Dr Garry Prentice

Title: Burnout and compassionate fatigue in emergency care nurses.

Award: 2nd place HDip part-time

Student: Naomi Rennicks

Supervisor:  Dr Garry Prentice

Title: Power of grit and impulsiveness: a study of adolescent academic motivation using the theory of planned behaviour.

Award: 1st place BA full-time

Student: Eoin Fedigan

Supervisor: Dr  Lee Richardson

Title: Investigating the impact of social networking on mental health: The effects of Facebook intensity on overall depression anxiety and stress.

Award: 2nd place BA full-time

Student: Stephen Fahim

Supervisor: Prakashini Sonam Banka

Title: Impact of self-efficacy, stress and anxiety on students' perception of group work.

Award: 1st place BA part-time

Student: Marie Hyland

Supervisor: Dr Trish Frazer

Title: Can ingesting red bull energy drink modify sport performance, precompetitive sport emotions and anxiety levels?

Award:  Joint 2nd place BA part-time

Student: Olivia Grace

Supervisor: Dr John Hyland

Title: The impact of pphubbing and age on present absence and satisfaction with life.

Award:  Joint 2nd place BA part-time

Student: Adrian Breen

Supervisor: Dr Pauline Hyland

Title: The effectiveness of workplace coaching among line managers in the Irish civil service.

Award: 3rd place BA part-time

Student: David McDonagh

Supervisor: Dr Trish Frazer

Title: Investigating familiarity with and attitudes in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


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