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DBS Student Brings Indian Culture to Ireland

BA (Hons) Journalism student Priya Rajput was recently featured in the Times of India newspaper, discussing a radio interview she gave on Dublin City FM. We caught up with her to find out how the interview came about, and how her course in DBS is going.

Priya Rajput 

Why did you choose the course?

My interests are not limited to one or two things. I am interested in everything from sports to politics to entertainment. I am very curious about what's happening around me, I like being connected and being a part of change. What profession other than journalism would support this curiosity of mine and pay me for doing so? That’s why I choose Journalism.

Do you enjoy the course?

I am really enjoying my course as I am learning something new every day. The professors are very motivating.

How has the course benefited you personally?

I am opening up actually. My writing skills have improved which has boosted my self-esteem.

Are you involved in clubs & socs?

Yes, I am involved in the Journalism Society, Radio Society and the Fashion Society.

Tell us about your recent article in Times of India, how did it come about?

I was invited on a Radio show 103.2 for an interview on Indian culture. Back home in India this news was published in every local newspaper. I mailed our Indian Ambassador saying all this and she got back to me the very next day asking me for a meeting at the Indian Embassy. The article you saw in the Times of India was about my meeting with the Indian Ambassador.

What do you hope to do once you graduate?

I would love to do something for my country. India is my country, but Ireland is providing me with my education, as such my responsibilities would be towards India and Ireland.

What do you feel is the best thing about studying in DBS?

Thinking about DBS, it is actually a great place to study. The professors, the Students' Union and everyone at DBS are so helpful. With something or other going on every week it makes every student feel refreshed. The most important point which I noticed here is that the professors are very caring and helpful and always supportive to improve our studies and to shape our career in the right way. Proper and valuable guidance has always been there from our professors, which leaves no vacuum whatsoever as far as the education is concerned.

Would you recommend DBS? Why?

I would highly recommend DBS to anyone asking me. The education at DBS is outstanding and the people at DBS are very helpful and charming. They are very kind. The teachers help if someone has any problem, and if we have any doubts we mail them, and they get back to us as soon as possible - that's the best part.

What are your future or current study / career plans?

Although I am studying first year Journalism right now, my long-term goal is to earn my degree and take my Journalism career to its highest level.