Mental Health Week

Positive Thinking

Mental Health Week is kicking off here at DBS, and we have a packed schedule to make sure all of our students are in top form this week. Monday saw a delivery of fresh fruit to Castle House for all to enjoy, followed by an opportunity for students to ‘pay it forward’ by purchasing a tea or coffee for someone.

Nothing says happiness like pancakes, and to celebrate the day that’s in it we will have free pancakes available in Castle House on Tuesday. Wednesday is of course Valentine’s Day, and we will have Valentine’s goodie bags up for grabs. We will also have a Mental Health Specialist present, to assist students in any way they can. 

On Thursday we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year, and on Friday we’ll wind up the week with dog therapy to put everyone in a good mood before the weekend.

Remember, you can always talk through any problems you may be having with our Student Welfare Officer, simply contact Student Services to schedule an appointment or drop into the office during working hours.

Our Top 5 Mental Health Tips:

  • Stay active and exercise regularly to release endorphins and boost energy levels.

  • You are what you eat, so try to keep a good nutritious diet full of fruit and vegetables.

  • Have a regular bedtime routine and make sure to catch plenty of z’s, nothing heightens anxiety and stress more than a lack of sleep.

  • Practice breathing exercises to relax and calm you down, taking 5 minutes per day to do this can make a huge difference.

  • Seek professional help if you think you need it, and don’t be afraid to open up to friends and family or whoever you feel comfortable with. A problem shared is a problem halved!