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Blockchain Hackathon in Partnership with Comtrade

DBS recently partnered with Comtrade, a leading dynamic technology company, to host their Blockchain Hackathon. DBS faculty member, Andrew Quinn, gave us a quick rundown of what the two day event entailed:

Blockchain Hackathon in Partnership with Comtrade

“Over the weekend of January 19th-20th DBS hosted a Blockchain Hackathon. The event was sponsored by Comtrade and focused on potential application Blockchain technologies in the Aviation industry.

On Friday 19th a series of industry experts spoke about the evolution of Blockchain and the importance of innovation. On Saturday 20th a full day's Hackathon culminated in 11 teams 'pitching' their business ideas.

Two DBS students - Johnston Varghese (MBA Finance) & Yannick Maennersdoerfer (BA (Hons) Financial Services) - were active participants on two of the teams. Johnston's team created a Blockchain application to improve the storage and value of Air Miles and finished 2nd overall.”


Many thanks to Comtrade for working with us to create this event. You can read their overview of the two days here.