Student Testimonial: ACCA

Aliah Radzuan studied ACCA at DBS, here’s what she had to say about the course...

Alya Radzuan 2

"I like how the lecturers delivered the course to students, they ha​ve the passion that helped all of us to understand what we were studying and how to apply it in the future, in a work environment.

All the notes written and compiled by the lecturers were very beneficial and another useful tool was the QBR session, where we got the opportunity to be exposed to various kinds of past exam questions. From there we could figure out the areas that needed improvement before the real exams.

I enjoyed studying in DBS and I also enjoyed the culture here which was different to what I'm used to. I would recommend DBS as the lecturers share all kinds of useful knowledge that is helpful not only ​for exams, but also in real life."