Student Testimonial: BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Syiffa Rosman from Malaysia has just completed the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from DBS. We asked her a few questions about her time here.

Syiffa Rosman

Why did you choose DBS?
The international vibes among students enabled me to explore more about the world’s diversities and it gave me a great opportunity to network among colleagues. The accelerate programme for Accounting and Finance only required me to study one year for a degree which was another selling point.

Why did you choose this course?
The market has a high demand for graduates in this sector and it is one of my passions.

How has the course benefited you personally?
It enables me to understand real world accounting and finance situations.

Have you enjoyed the course?
Yes, I really enjoyed it.

What did you feel was the best thing about studying in DBS?
The student room and fun activities!