International Student Story: From China to DBS

Chinese student Daisy is new to DBS. She wrote about her experience of coming all the way from her hometown in China to study in Dublin, see below for the Mandarin and English versions of her story. 



   学校每周都会组织很多的活动。第一周的orientation week,学校组织的开卡丁车和迎新晚会等活动。这个迎新晚会跟中国的不一样,不是一群人在台上表演,而是去酒吧做游戏。(说起来爱尔兰人真是爱喝酒,整条街都是酒吧,我全球经济的老师跟我说的第一句话就是:你们中国人喝酒嘛?我说喝然后他很开心地笑了hhh)虽然做quiz游戏的时候我大部分问题都听不懂,但是和各国的小哥哥小姐姐聊天还是很开心的。



Daisy Chinese Student Blogpost 2
Pic: Landmark of Dublin

  在习惯了口音和上课方式之后,会觉得有些老师上课真的很有趣,会一直讲笑话然后自己笑的很开心,虽然还是有时候听不懂hhh 学习的内容还是挺多的,虽然许多都在国内学过了但是转换成英文还是有点理解难度的。


Daisy Chinese Student Blogpost 5
Pic: Irish scenery

I’m Daisy, a new Chinese student here.

It has been two weeks since I came here from my hometown which is thousands of miles away from Ireland. There are tremendous changes in my life due to the different environment and living habits here. Thanks to DBS and my homestay family, I ultimately got used to the life here.

First of all, the weather is much colder than where I used to live. So many of my friends and I caught a bad cold because of this sudden cooling. When I stayed at home with low fever, my landlady took good care of me. She made hot chocolate for me and prepared me some pills. Finally, I recovered and haven't felt sick since. I strongly suggest that people from Asian countries bring more heavy coats and some emergency medicines.

Daisy Chinese Student Blogpost 6
Pic: Lovely homestay (TV: Dublin is winner)

What’s more, I was very nostalgic the first week. Thankfully, the school organises a variety of interesting activities for us to enjoy in our leisure time. During Orientation Week, I took part in a party held by Student Union in the pub. (Irish people really like beer! lol) Well, the wine here is actually very tasty. I tried cider and a little Guinness and they both tasted very good. At that party, we got to know many friends from different countries and spent ​lots of time chatting. Finally, we participated in the quiz and our group came third in that game thanks to my American teammates.

There are also some outdoor activities organised by DBS which helps new students get to know the culture and adapt to their life here. For example, we went on a cultural trip on the first weekend to enjoy the natural scenery like a waterfall and some delicate gardens. Some of my friends took part in Go Karting and had a nice experience there. I hope more interesting activities can be held in the future. Oh, I also joined some societies last week which are free of charge, these will make my life will become much more colourful. (In my country, it takes money to join such organisations.) Looking forward to it. :) 

Daisy Chinese Student Blogpost 4
Pic: Irish scenery

Well, in terms of my studies here, I’d like to mention that some teachers are really humorous and very generous. They give us vivid lectures and even listen patiently to our stupid questions with very poor English. ;) Also, I like the library here, it’s warm and well organised. I feel comfortable staying here for study.

Since I got used to life here, I have felt happy and satisfied every single day. I like the bright and cold weather and the multi-culture here. Ireland is a multinational city where you can see people from all over the world playing different roles. In addition, dwellers are really active and fascinating. On the streets you can witness lots of people performing on the road like playing the guitar, singing or dancing which is really interesting.