Student Testimonial: MBA

Aman Potdar is an International student from Pune, India and is currently studying towards an MBA at DBS. He told us how he is finding student life at DBS so far.

Aman Potdar

Why did you choose this course?

With my graduation majors, BBA in International Business and a Diploma in Export Import Management, coupled with a 2 year work experience in a business hub like Dubai, the current shifting economic focus to Dublin made it an attractive destination to gain my Masters from a reputed ​school like DBS. An ideal journey!

How are you enjoying the course?

The MBA course here is on par with all the expectations I had from a learning point of view. With challenging assignments and highly set standards for doing research, the entire course is an adrenaline-filled roller coaster ride from start to finish which is thrilling, considering the vast amount of knowledge we are exposed to on a daily basis.

How has the course benefitted you personally?

The city of Dublin and its culture has played a major role in helping me to become a better, wiser person studying this course. It has allowed me wide cultural interaction, and the opportunity to exchange skill sets and opinions. I think it is the equivalent of being given a sandbox to build up your game in. Some of my memorable relationships with students all around the world were forged under this course, and I'm indebted to DBS for the friends I have today.

How has the course benefited you professionally?

Working part-time during the course was the most eye opening experience as practical application of general management practices and communication skills enabled me to grow on the go. The general MBA has taught me the value of the human aspect of business, the planning and communication skills that make for success. Together with the scope of knowledge I hold and the education imparted by DBS, I am confident of finding my own footing in the business world.

What are your plans when you finish your course?

I plan to make myself an asset when it comes to team leadership and increasing brand equity. With a combination of Marketing and Project Management know-how and the respective aptitude, I look forward to cementing an important position in the middle management of a valuable multinational.

What do you feel is the best thing about studying in DBS?

My stint in the Student Union as an SU Crew member and featuring as the lead role in a short film made by DBS film students were the best things that happened to me in DBS. There are limitless opportunities at the college, from student welfare, to entertainment, academics, etc. Sharing the vision of student welfare with other like-minded people in the SU, and contributing to the work really empowered me, as well as stretched my capabilities.