International Student Testimonial

Preetam Biswas graduated from DBS in 2015 with an MBA. Here’s what he had to say about his experience coming from India to study in Ireland full-time.

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"I chose to study the MBA (general) as I have an engineering background. I never had much exposure in the field of commerce so the General MBA gave me the opportunity to learn the different aspects of business administration.

I am from Mumbai in India. Although my hometown is Kolkata, we have been living in Mumbai for 15 years. My education and employment however had been in different cities across India, I had worked for a few different multinationals such as HSBC, Barclays and American Express, and later I formed my own organisation - IT ARC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD in Mumbai, India. It's a technical consultancy firm which also provide services and solutions to businesses.

This course has firstly given me international exposure.  I have learned the different aspects of managing a business.  I have learned a systematic way of running a business and also learned to channel my skills. By working in a formal environment in Ireland I became accustomed to the work culture and had been trying to build a business plan here in Ireland. As I am currently allowed to work part-time I have not found a job related to this same area however I am doing an internship which is giving me experience in the digital media field. I got this job from the Careers Fair held in DBS.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I liked the way classes are designed where students have their own time to explore. I made many friends across the globe and hope to keep the relations I made.

The best thing about DBS is the course plan, its schedules and education system. Of late, I have also seen a number of activities in the student area. The whole idea of a stress free education system of having 2 - 3 classes a day is very good. One actually has time to process whatever is taught. I have already recommended DBS to a few of my friends and I hope they also find th​e college interesting."