The First 100 Days at DBS

With a new group of first year students about to start their undergraduate journey at DBS, we want to make sure that the ​transition from second level to third level education is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In order to do this we introduced The ​First 100 Days.


Your first 100 days are critical to adapting and thriving in college. In DBS we have developed a programme which, through physical and online resources, allows you to fully adapt to college life. This is a cross college collaboration, with Student Experience, Lecturers, Library, Student Union and Careers providing the tools and support to help you at the start of your college journey. A good start is half the work, and we will guide and assist you through your first 13 weeks in DBS.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to ​seeing you all in September!