Student Testimonial: Gugulethu Ndlovu

ACCA student Gugulethu Ndlovu placed First in Ireland in her P6 exam (December 2016) following her tuition at DBS. She told us all about her experience with the college and her P6 lecturer in ​our latest testimonial.

“I was recommended DBS by my friend; she sang praises about the lecturers' enthusiasm and of how helpful and supportive they were throughout her academic studies.

DBS is an institution of learning espouses and epitomises what it means to pave the way for its pupils’ success.

My P6 lecturer, Julie Hawkins, is a testament to the aforementioned. She ​used practical and real life examples in our field of study, helping us to enhance our ​understanding of the module and thus pushing us to work hard.   

I have recommended DBS to my friends and will continue to do so as DBS is truly an institution that assists in an individual's development and further understanding.”

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