Psychology Poster Conference & Student Awards

The 2017 Psychology Poster Conference saw a new batch of bright young students displaying their theses in the form of A1 posters. The students put on a fantastic showcase and it was a great opportunity for them to show the huge amount of work they put into their final projects.

Following on from the poster conference, an awards ceremony took place which saw the Executive Dean at DBS, Andrew Conlan-Trant, handing out certificates to the winning Psychology students whose posters were chosen for best in class. Psychology lecturer Pauline Hyland and Head of Academic Affairs, Miriam O'Donoghue, were there on the day to congratulate the students on their wonderful achievement.

20170327_174725  20170327_174327

For links to the winning posters along with the student and supervisor name, please see below;

Student Name: Lisa Madden
Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Hyland
Childrens' Perception of Caregivers Smartphone Use: Effect on Relationships, Self-Esteem and Emotional Wellbeing

Student Name: Bebhinn Carolan
Supervisor: Dr. Lucie Corcoran
The plight of the Perfectionist Teacher: Relations with Job Satisfaction and Psychological Distress

Student Name: Janice Kearney
Supervisor:  Dr. John Hyland
The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Do Narcissism and Optimism influence Individuals’ Misestimations of their Abilities

Student Name: Brian Costigan
Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Hyland
Exploring the Relationships between Extracurricular Activities, Social Support, and Bullying Behaviours in Irish Secondary Schools

Student Name: Kirstie Domican
Supervisor: Dr. Rosie Reid
Lay theories of Terrorism: Misconceptions, Stereotypes formed by Propaganda

Student Name: Edel O'Reilly
Supervisor: Dr. Lucie Corcoran
A study of the Relationship between Internet Use, Well-being and Self-Concept of Preadolescent Males

Student Name: Donncha Quigley
Supervisor:  Dr. Jonathan Murphy
Age, Sex and Sporting Participation, and their e​​ffect on the Terminal Threshold of Visual Motion

Student Name: Laura McCarthy
Supervisor: Dr. John Hyland
Inferring how Emotional Intelligence could improve Mental Toughness thus Happiness consequentially improving Employee Performance

Student Name: Averil McGarry
Supervisor: Dr. Rosie Reid
Personality Trait and Empathy Differences of Self-Identifying Dog-People and Cat-People