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Online Courses at DBS

DBS Online |Online Courses at DBS
DBS Online delivers an online learning experience that enables learners to apply their knowledge. DBS Online is a pioneer in the field of education and pushes the boundaries on what is possible in education today - by leveraging the latest thinking, the talents of the best lecturers and a thriving online community of students.

DBS Online programmes are taught wholly online through an innovative virtual learning classroom.  Upon completion of the course of study, learners will earn a qualification equivalent to the campus-based students to move their career to that next level.
DBS Online is launching with a Diploma in Project Management. Project Management is of growing importance to organisations because it deals effectively with the management of change. Organisations are beginning to realise that the traditional form of management cannot deal with the dynamics and resulting chaos of the modern economic, social and business environment. Project management is a method for organisations to achieve profitability targets, but just as significantly it is a ‘culture’ that will assist most people to improve their personal performance. 

This online programme is applicable to all industries and sectors, and also for large and small companies. Students can be either practising project managers, prospective project managers or other busy professionals who feel that a knowledge of project management will be beneficial for their career development.

At the end of the course students will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to carry out full projects, from inception to completion.  This new skill set will be applicable across any sector, and is not limited to any particular areas.  Students will also have benefited greatly from each other, both from a learning and networking perspective. 

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