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Paul Carrigg, ACCA prizewinner

Paul Carrigg studied ACCA P7 at DBS, coming 1st in Ireland and 12th in the world in the December 2015 examination sitting.
Paul Carrigg

"The lecturer was extremely exam focused and provided excellent exam tips. The tips related to key areas such as exam technique and time management. The lecturer provided his own exam question solutions which were easy to follow and understand. Also, he was always willing to take time out during and after class to answer questions from students.

The QBR sessions were extremely useful. The notes provided by the DBS lecturers were excellent and made revision easier. The facilities at DBS were also of a very high standard. I really enjoyed my time at DBS and achieved a high score as a result of the excellent tuition I received. 

I would recommend DBS due to the excellent standard of lecturing which I experienced while there."