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Aiva Sutkeviciute, ACCA Prizewinner

Aiva Sutkeviciute successfully completed ACCA paper F8 in the June 2016 sitting after studying with DBS. She placed 2nd in Ireland and 7th worldwide. She had this to say about DBS...
Aiva Sutkeviciute DBS

"I am very glad for the opportunity to share my DBS experience as it has fulfilled all my expectations. I think that the lecturing body represents the greatest asset in DBS.
All the previously studied subjects were taught by very dedicated and competent professionals sharing a friendly and supportive attitude; no questions were left unanswered. The ACCA syllabus was communicated in a student-friendly and exam focused manner. Credit for success in past exams must go to my DBS lecturers.

Mock exams and Question Based Reviews worked wonders for me as I could test my knowledge under exam conditions; these practice runs reduced examination related stress to manageable levels. The feedback provided helped me to locate the areas that needed more revising.

I appreciated the revision classes for being evenly spread across the term; they reinforced knowledge and allowed greater familiarity with real exam questions from early term days. Undeniably, the facilities in DBS are well equipped and accessible throughout the week. Similarly, online resources (e.g. Moodle) are regularly updated; the learning material and lecturers' class notes are available 24/7.

I have enjoyed DBS very much indeed and I will continue to study for my ACCA exams with DBS next year. Beyond the great learning experience, I received an outstanding service from the administrative staff and course coordinator as well.
These individuals helped me with my queries and the courses were well scheduled and organised. For these reasons, I would recommend DBS to anyone who is looking for quality education and assurance against exam failure."