Computer Science
Database Technology
Information Technology & Systems Analysis
IT for Finance
IT for Marketing
Networking & Cloud Technologies
Principles of Computer Engineering
Project Management for the Engineering Student
Project Management for the Healthcare Student
Project Management for the ICT Professional
Psychology for Management
Psychology for the Healthcare Student
Software & Cloud Technologies
Software Programming

Alternatively students can create their own programme of study by choosing Academic Support (mandatory) and 4 other modules from the list below: 

Employability Skills
IT Essentials
Application of Cloud Technologies 
Applied Social Policy
Behavioural Science
Business Finance
Business Information Systems
Maths & Statistics for Business OR Maths & Statistics for Finance 
Cloud & Networking Security
Cloud Computing for Business
Cloud Design & Development
Cloud Networking & Security*
Modelling Cognitive Systems
Hollywood Cinema
Contemporary Media Analysis
Contemporary Social Policy
Data and Network Communications
Data Management & Analytics
Development Psychology
Digital Imaging & Audio: Tools & Techniques
Digital Marketing Concepts
Implementing Digital Media
Digital Photography for Journalists
Digital Photography 
Digital Planning & Management
Economics, Politics & Society
Globalisation & Identity
Health Studies
Human Resource Management
Information Systems and Databases
Irish Culture & Society
Marketing Communications
Maths & Statistics for Business OR Maths & Statistics for Finance 
Mobile Software Development
New Waves in European and World Cinema
People in Organisations
Individual Differences
Principles of Programming
Project Feasibility
Project Management & Evaluation
Project Planning & Control
Psychology of Work
Health Psychology
Radio Production
Research Methods II
Scriptwriting, Production and Development
Social Care: Theory & Practice
Social Psychology
Social Thought
Style, Stardom and Performance
Web Application Development*
Web & Media Design
Programming Fundamentals
Mathematics & Statistics for Computing
Information Systems & Databases
Problem Solving & Algorithms
Information & Communication Technology
Computer Architecture

*Pre-requisite learning applies on all modules marked with an asterik
All modules are subject to change.